From the recent hostage on pondering domain name

      wanted to "from on the title, but also fear with guns too, from the ICANN domain was hijacked rumors started I wanted to write about the domain name of the article, telling everyone pay attention to the security domain problems; then was transferred to write transfer, what desire is more intense, and then to, then, feel the light to tell you how to write protection of domain name seems to have been enough, in some media circles, personal websites, blogs and even more influential station (this kind of website collectively, not refers specifically to a particular website), forums, much more or less so a bit not harmonious taste, everyone seems to find some weakness of registration services, the urge to hold a pen, just too lazy, not written. And then this to, that means harmony is more obvious, the feeling is not so simple a weakness.

      so I think it’s time to write something about these things.

      registered the domain name from the first I still have 5 years, than the domain name industry in some advanced qualifications can’t talk about, also dare not claim they are harvested, the establishment of the company a bunch of people to play, I was a person with a few friends, so with the new network, 10 thousand nets, some 35 or even eNom in exchange, some friends, also have some contact with some of the webmaster friends, as young as 19 years old, generally 20 years old — good life time.

      registrar, webmaster and as I like the domain name holder, the three party or three party identity overlap, in this network get awfully narrow areas — don’t think the network, the network is just a kinoform pitching a tiny area.

      a friend told me that the network, now the webmaster do not know how? They shift the dozens of domain name, ID, transfer, turn into a very troublesome, because the nets need to fax or mail personal documents, cumbersome procedures, do not engage in what password easily online transactions transfer? Civilink is rubbish, so don’t want to turn out Michong meters civilink.

      then the "", unfortunately, a little recently some of the domain name and million net, and everyone in the discussion forum or domain name city from the point of view of the feasibility, provide personal documents, discuss business invoices and other business forms however, some more personal blog site, the article is very angry, questioned why provide copies of documents, to provide a variety of instruments will be able to put the domain name to turn away? All are what you eat, when I took these two different attitude to ask.

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