Wang Xing domestic buy only 10% Commission Groupon up to 50%

from the Spring Festival in 2011, only a few days time, China can not buy the site’s financing pace of the rest of the meaning. U.S. mission network CEO Wang is accepted in Huaxing Capital Conference Room Interview, this day from morning to evening, he didn’t leave here. U.S. group is conducting negotiations on the B round of financing. Rumors about Groupon to take a stake in the still confused, handle network CEO Wu Bo also said the rumor in the third round of financing will be completed in the first quarter of 2011. Another investment started late, by former Google China marketing director Song Zhongjie led the group purchase website tick group IDG partner Chang Chen said: "for years after the introduction of a tick group in the Internet sector strategic investors hot."

is the capital running, this is one of the Chinese group purchase sites are similarities with Groupon number. People are curious about the creation of online group purchase business model sites in the United States, came to China after going to rome. Because from the "one day a group", "service products", the proportion of these commissions in the business model of the key point to comment, password authentication, copy, and even the future payment guarantee and other details, in China on the market is not the same as.

Wang Xing told the "first" in order to let the Economy & Finance Weekly, online group purchase in China bloom, beauty group got rid of the Groupon mode in those Chinese work, such as Chinese few home printers, so they use the mobile phone to send text messages instead of the PDF print coupons coupons; and many businesses also can not access, the United States Mission launched the telephone system password authentication service.

"Chinese consumer habits is to see the details, but also with a very beautiful picture, Groupon was much more at this point than we worry." Shen Boyang, general manager of glutinous rice network will personally examine and approve the title of each buy products, and sometimes for a promotion, the whole team needs to add a few days to change the visual style of the site.

"these are the things that consumers seem to take for granted." Wang Xing said. The other Groupon may be difficult to imagine "standard" there are less than 10% of the proportion of the Commission (in the United States, usually Groupon to businesses for the extraction of 30%~50%, the Commission) hundreds of residential, luxury cars, luxury travel and open a new station each draw would send dozens of iPad, iPhone "".

this is undoubtedly a terrible market, according to the Group buy navigation site 800 of the statistics, as of January 2011, the Chinese market, there are a total of buy site 1728. Despite the elimination of the speed is also very fast, every day there are dozens of new companies can not wait to spend 1500 yuan will be able to buy a buy site model of ultra-low threshold to enter the market. While consumers always be quick to switch sides flow between the different group purchase website, they only have loyalty to the goods and discount so that they are excited for a group purchase goods. So buy site must continue >

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