Pat shoes nets enterprise network marketing positioning is the key

more and more small and medium enterprises have tasted the significant return brought by network marketing. According to iResearch research data show that Chinese search engine companies continue to grow and use search engine technology as a way to promote enterprises from 2001 to 2003 only 7 enterprises, the number of enterprises has reached 26. Small and medium-sized enterprises have a high degree of trust in the network marketing and get a significant return. 67% of small business owners believe that their web site has a direct impact on the sales or offline sales significantly. 94% of small and medium enterprises access to the Internet, 70% of small business owners believe that network marketing is very important or important to promote their business.

according to statistics, at present, 100% of large enterprises and 2/3 of small and medium enterprises to build their own website; 1/3 small and medium enterprises have used network marketing. The condition that network marketing, search engine promotion to 84.49% of the share China become the most important and the most popular Internet marketing services in developed areas, there are currently 50.14% companies have purchased or plan to buy the real name, search for network promotion services, Alibaba network real name, YAHOO search, Baidu, Google has been bidding become one of the most popular network marketing tools.

in the enterprise network marketing, some enterprises blindly follow the trend of the Internet boom, there is no established clear goals and clear strategy, and finally led to the waste of a lot of manpower and material resources. Some enterprises in pursuit of form, but few sites look garish, effective information, can not attract customers. Some companies believe in "sell themselves, do not website promotion, there is no return. Some companies choose Internet marketing services, there is no scientific selection method, but only blindly according to the reputation of the service provider or only the price of the surface selection. Companies do not know how to evaluate, no tools for evaluation or no personal assessment. In this case, in the B2C website as a successful model of the shoe network, the site has a lot of experience in the process of enterprise network marketing, shoes shoes network with many network marketing companies to share some experience.

beat shoes network proposed in the three main aspects of network marketing, website construction is the foundation, network promotion is the core of customer service is guaranteed. In the process of effective network marketing, website construction, website promotion and customer service of the three links can not be less. Otherwise, even if the use of the best and most effective marketing tools, can not be transformed into potential customers for real customers. Shoe shoe web site construction has a professional technical staff to build and maintain the site, positioned as the footwear B2C website, which is also the basis of a website construction. Shoes shoes Network in the network promotion has a special news writing group, search engine optimization specialist, in the promotion have been some of the guarantee, the promotion of specialization, the network marketing effect is quite significant shoes. Pat shoes network customer service support, the establishment of a customer service center, the professional site to deal with the problems reflected in the operation of customers, timely communication with customer service, customer satisfaction services.


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