What worries about how to find the patron orders B2B platform to improve the exposure rate and or


for marketers, exposure and order is everything. Innumerable B2B platform now, take orders like look for a needle in the ocean, it is people bugangongwei probability. How can we improve the product exposure rate and get the effective orders through the B2B platform? Although I am in contact with the electronic commerce not too long time, but through the actual combat or to try to find out some tips, and share with you.

A. free and paid to do which


free and paid to do? Do not think that there must be an effect of payment, free no effect. There is a saying that good, interested in flowers, willow shade. My personal experience is concerned, is forced to pay, not to the end firmly without choice.

why? Because many B2B sites are "first charge service" mode, you pay after there is no effect? Maybe probably might have effect, but with your pay is proportional to? I don’t think so.

two Great trees are good for shade..

if it is free, select the platform also has the skill, is the so-called Great trees are good for shade., how to understand? First, big website Baidu included fast and good, you can share some traffic and ranking from this platform, a ranking order and you still worry about. Secondly, the stability of the site’s ranking, but also to provide a variety of stable services, is the first choice for enterprises to do SEO marketing.

how to choose the platform to see if it is not included in the Baidu, Baidu ranking, how the traffic situation, these tools can be found through SEO. The point, the new mode of the new website, as long as no money would be a bold attempt, don’t be afraid of a waste of time and energy, maybe TA is a pleasant surprise to you


three. Hair products have know-how.

to find the platform, the following will begin to increase the exposure rate. What do you do? Hair products. Hair products have know-how, think about what Baidu like? Like the original ah, so we can not send the product in accordance with the old ideas of the past, have to pay attention to the heart. Product description and others do not want to, to have a characteristic, attribute to complete filling are filled in, pictures can not be ignored, larger HD is Baidu’s love, don’t skimp on this effort, you look at me the product called


is not optimized, no stack keywords, there is no frequent hair, hair on the line. In addition to Baidu promotion and other products, I send products in Baidu ranking has been stable home page sixth, how your



four. Don’t miss out on free activities.

in addition to hair products, we also need to pay attention to the free activities of these sites. Where you want to go, go to

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