Hangzhou cross border electricity supplier launched a genuine insurance

since the beginning of the birth of the electricity supplier, whether it is a small shop or a large platform, there is a slogan necessary to hang on the tip of the mouth – 100% authentic". To the rise of cross-border electricity supplier, such as the rise of the moment, we have to say, "authentic". However, the light with the mouth to ensure genuine seems to be difficult to convince consumers, not to mention also occasionally have been blinded by the interests of the eyes of Li Gui occasionally come out to deceive consumers.

April 13th, Zhejiang cereals oils and Foodstuffs Import and export Limited by Share Ltd’s cross-border electricity supplier website – Free World supermarket purchase bonded joint, Sunshine Property Insurance Zhejiang branch of the Limited by Share Ltd, launched a genuine Insurance – Insurance innovation. Once consumers buy non genuine, immediately fake a lose ten!

"Freight", "return risk", these types of insurance has been launched on the online shopping platform, but the genuine insurance is the first time I heard. According to Zhejiang and deputy general manager Pu Zhijiang said, if the consumer receives the bonded supermarket from the Ningbo free trade zone to send goods, doubt on whether the goods are genuine, you can call the customer service phone 4000574571 bonded supermarket suspected, and commissioned by the national inspection agency qualified for inspection, if non genuine, testing costs borne by the the bonded supermarket, will also get by 10 times the amount of compensation in the sunshine insurance commodity price. If the detection is genuine, according to common sense, the cost of testing by the consumer to bear, but in this way, there may not be willing to go to the consumer than the true. So if the detection is genuine, we will also be bonded supermarket for consumers to bear half of the cost of testing." Pu Zhijiang said.

as to how to define non genuine, the current reference to the two criteria: first, do not meet the quality requirements of cross-border imports; second, the main content of the goods sold online description does not match. Simply summed up is the quality of the problem or the wrong version".

"false a compensate ten" is no longer just talk about the commitment, and become a new type of insurance, but also extremely punitive. Deputy general manager of Sunshine Property Insurance Limited by Share Ltd Zhejiang branch Xu Qiqing said, in fact, the bonded supermarket is not the first to cover this business platform, but the sunshine insurance has dared to try. The sign in the supermarket and bonded before, sunshine insurance of bonded supermarket procurement, the whole management process have made strict inspection. It is reported that relying on the bonded supermarket in Zhejiang grain and oil, purchase channels are quite pure, preferred overseas producers, agents purchase, or direct supply by foreign suppliers. The procurement of goods from overseas into the Ningbo Free Trade Zone, but also accept the customs inspection and supervision of each commodity as well as a two-dimensional code traceability, consumers take the mobile phone to sweep will be able to identify, also know its past and present".

in the State Council approved the establishment of China (Hangzhou) second days of Comprehensive Experimental Zone cross-border e-commerce, ring road, Hangzhou City No. 70 bonded supermarket was opened, Hangzhou first bonded cross-border electricity supplier supermarket O2O museum. O2O Experience Hall

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