Furniture electricity supplier exposure short board long delivery experience bad price is not cheap

last week, JINGWAH Home Furnishing disclosure double 11, the electricity supplier of furniture discovered high refund rate, the peak value of 187.20%, consumers and industry on the moment caused by heat. But after the refund rate is a boss, breaking out there is a furniture electricity supplier sales channels mishap – delivery period is long, the price is not cheap, experience a sense of difference…… Insiders admit that there is a short board furniture electricity supplier, but also has its unique advantages, if you need to develop, first of all need to get rid of the containment, the first step in an independent.


service so that buyers can not afford to hurt

in recent years, the electricity supplier as a new channel for the development of the furniture industry, convenient, low-cost become advertised advantages. The major brands to have Tmall’s flagship store in a few. The electronic business platform also have action, Sina has Home Furnishing, the line also opened a large museum experience; Tmall offline love bee tide museum after easy access storm, but near the big stores, larger scale, brand louder. Double 11 shopping carnival, Tmall class sales of up to three hundred million, this amazing figure, it is to let some people in the industry shouted electricity supplier to come, the traditional channels carefully”.

but the high rate cited this opened a super refund on the bright furniture electricity supplier scar “band aid” – Friends of the whole logistics should Home Furnishing for 6 months thereafter appeared; QuMei line price is lower than the online 10% high logistics costs; Gu also let buyers shouted vulnerable. The results of the survey, as a convenient, low-cost and electric poles furniture trademark list, so poor shopping experience, how to how to keep furniture electricity supplier customer’s heart? Insiders said that the high rate of refund a wake-up call for everyone, the electricity supplier of furniture does exist a lot of problems, specific to this road how to go, have to ponder.

high refund rate is not normal

according to the reporter, the traditional store refund rate is generally controlled at around 2%. Yin Yuxin, deputy general manager of Oriental home Plaza, said: because consumers have been fully experienced before buying, can determine their own ideas, which is the lack of electricity providers.” The industry believes that the double 11 shopping is a passion for consumption, because there is no cost of online shopping, shoot down again, and finally do not want a refund on the matter.


· Home Furnishing; Home Furnishing electronic mall business director Shi Jun said that the normal refund rate control in the electricity supplier of furniture “digit” is quite normal, but encountered double 11, the merchant’s logistics service system have caused great pressure, the refund rate rise could be forgiven, but QuMei, Gu, full friends of the three case, “there are problems.”

Shi Jun also believes that the potential consumption of furniture and building materials products are relatively fixed. Just put the short-term promotion of consumption potential concentrated burst out, “is nothing more than spending, the business will be very light. Even if there is some extra spending, it is extremely limited. The result of the promotion

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