Don’t talk about O2O’s death list

2015, B2B popular concept, in addition to commodities, the emergence of the traditional enterprise practitioners to B2B as the starting point to the transformation of the Internet, the possibility has been in the field of electronic commerce has made achievements in O2O, B2C enterprises have also begun to explore B2B. Accordingly, billion state power network are summarized as follows:

hungry acquisition of B2B platform, there are dishes App

August 14, 2015, hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao in WeChat circle of friends to share a connection – to sell food on the fly platform". There are dishes to take the Taobao model for the seller and the buyer to provide information on the transaction, the restaurant can be selected in the vicinity of the seller on the platform, according to the next day, the shop material requirements.

hungry launched the B2B platform, there are dishes App

it is understood that the hungry currently occupy about 35% in white-collar business segment of the market share, in September this year, the hungry released data show that the platform, the transaction amounted to 75 million yuan, the white-collar, the transaction amounted to 60 million yuan, daily orders over 2 million 400 thousand single.

originally life B2B transaction volume will reach 300 million

began in early 2015, the original life and the same time, the line and the origin of the domestic fruit fruit docking, in-depth supply chain upstream, become the bridge between the two sides. It is reported that at present there are thousands of shops in the north of Guangzhou City, the four largest city on the supply of thousands of stores every day. To this end, the original development of a special version of the line under the store order App.

originally lived

originally life network partner Jia Ming told billion state power network, this year to the fruit shop supply line is expected to reach 300 million yuan, to reach 10 to 2 billion yuan this year and next year; B2C mall originally convenient O2O business volume level will reach 7 to 800 million yuan, is expected next year will reach 2 billion yuan.

small Nongnv transformation B2B won the "rebirth" of

it is understood that, as early as 2013, the peasant female in WeChat started selling the business, namely the night before the WeChat platform under orders, after second days of purchasing, processing, semi-finished vegetables in the afternoon 4-6 distribution, but because the 2C half finished off a low price and delivery of fresh electricity the cost is high, which led to the project died. September 2014, small farmers to restart.

small peasant woman CEO Yang Wei

May 2015, the small Nongnv transformation B2B platform, this one is taking the restaurant distribution (2B). Among them, the fresh station as an integral part of the small farmers in the commercial territory, in the back end can be achieved through the supply chain of agricultural products, and in the front, you can also expand the demand side for sale.

June 2015, billion state power network exclusively learned that peasant women get high financing.

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