U S mission O2O dilemma to buy reduce costs Pong giant

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have to say, Wang Xing’s business acumen is extremely sensitive, a series of actions this year the United States Mission: a substantial advertising, the main takeaway business, completed a new round of financing, the introduction of the former head of Baidu LBS Shen Li is in the transformation strategy, game and prepare. There is speculation that the United States mission to do so is to market, electricity supplier Jun think this topic has no meaning, for the mission of speaking, is to "get things done", the final listing is not Wang and his friends are entrepreneurial end point, if the United States listed, is hoping to get more capital support.

This year’s

O2O market has big change pattern, Baidu, Tencent and other Internet heavyweights earlier not only took the glutinous rice and the public review of such group purchase focused rivals, in the beginning of this year the localization of life services conducted a series of acquisitions and investments, while Baidu today launched direct number will also be in the service life O2O set off a new round of upgrading war, before relying on "millet plus rifles" play Gansu do Zanghuoleihuo expand the "base" of the U.S. group, now must advance "Northeast battlefield", and have "all aircraft cannon" BAT group between male and female.

in fact, today’s U.S. group, in the electricity it seems the king had not led a group purchase, but rely on the deep Chinese 123 line city line market, a local business and docking by Gan "dirty work", establish the localization of life services has certain advantages in the vertical O2O enterprises. In the field of film, the U.S. group online selection opal films ticket seat theater coverage ranked similar vertical application first; in the field of hotel, hotel group purchase beauty group rely on advantage to occupy 75% of the market share in the leading position in the industry. Beautiful network of their own catering catering group purchase turnover accounted for 53% of the total turnover, at the beginning of this year, the U.S. group and group purchase from the catering business derived delivery discount services, to create a separate "U.S." brand, and takeaway business in the second half of the year has become the focus of large companies compete in the field of local life service O2O.

touted the United States for so long, the electricity supplier is not in order to give the United States to write a group of points like soft Wen, but to point out that the United States is facing great challenges on the business model. When the IT system, customers, businesses have a solid team, when each big city line has completed construction, when the United States Mission in vertical O2O major areas have established certain barriers to competition, you think the United States has electricity supplier, everything is ready, only owe the platform, namely unified local life the O2O service platform.

why is the United States only a lack of a unified O2O platform for the whole society because the United States is currently facing three major challenges:

the first challenge is the U.S. group could succeed to do group purchase, an important leader in the vertical field of local life service O2O, especially in the field of mainstream entertainment, such as movies, restaurants, takeaway, KTV and fitness. Also, do not beauty group leader, used in mobile devices.

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