Jingdong regret single complaint buy winter period or will continue

Jingdong one yuan travel service regret, was friends complaints

According to the London March 29th

news said, Jingdong mall launched a series of price of one yuan tourism group purchase service in March 19th, "Shaoxing cherry romantic city tour live Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel free" and "mountain magnolia flower bloom open" is one of the two. According to the survey, the group purchase activities is very hot, group purchase at the end of the time has been nearly 2000 people to buy "Sakura Shaoxing Tour", "mountain flowers" order is the number of nearly million.

but in the end of the second day of buying time, consumers buy the site on the order of the travel service was forced to retreat. This caused a lot of dissatisfaction. The day before, a participation in the group purchase Beijing netizen entrust local lawyers to the court proceedings, asked the Jingdong in the mall group purchase website home page public apology, and continue to fulfill orders of tourism related services.

group has been facing a crisis, buy companies do not self reflection


group purchase has faced a crisis, which give consumers the impression is not very good, now is not self reflection? Continue to ignore consumer experience? You know, the consumer experience is the survival of the group purchase website. Do not pay attention to the consumer experience, will eventually be eliminated by the industry.

How should

buy a network to win the satisfaction of the user?


group had a total of CEO Yanhuang layer said, when the newly established group of Chinese, they will have "user experience first" as the company’s service standards, from the beginning to the end to the consumer experience as the center, in cooperation and businesses is also strict monitoring and management, to ensure that consumers consumer confidence.

group purchase website resources is from the consumer, only let consumers experience to achieve absolute satisfaction, they will take the initiative to s. And through word of mouth, to help buy companies to bring more new users. Also because of these huge consumer groups, buy in order to attract more business cooperation, and then get the right to choose a good business. The user experience in the first place, the intentions of each product, pay attention to every detail of the service, you can get the trust of consumers.

in fact, the network also brings the company to buy a product brand to promote the online promotion, sales environment, product quality and other indicators. As a result, once the customer has the same product demand, it will come back again. This is not only to bring the profits of the business, but also to buy the value of the body’s own performance; and business reputation, in turn, will affect the credibility of the site to buy. So, businesses and buy site is complementary, both sides can benefit both sides.

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