Analysis Jingdong wolf tiger Tesco mall who in the hype

Since the

Jingdong "door" in the future, you can not avoid being used compared with tiger Tesco seems to be emerging, the masses of the end finally wins more attention, now between the two big business "contests" seems to be suspense again and again. Whether it is negative news or positive news, it seems that the two sides are holding each other in the guise of speculation. Among them, the "price war" for the most!


, however, the two sides rely on "war" to sum up the following points:

. In the sales price, Foxconn as a foundry Empire, the cost of electronic products have a clearer understanding, so the price is more mature than Jingdong. The author compared the price of the Ronshen BCD-202K refrigerator in the flying tigers and Jingdong Mall: Flying Tiger price 1499 yuan, Jingdong price of $1599. SKYWORTH 32L05HR 32 inch LCD TV, tiger Tesco is 2499 yuan, the Jingdong store is 2579 yuan; HP 13.3 inch notebook CQ32-107TX (XC669PA) tiger Tesco price is 4759 yuan, the tiger Tesco panic buying price of 4869 yuan, 4999 yuan NOKIA mall Jingdong; 5000, the purchase price and the flying tiger Le mall Jingdong for 439 yuan… From the price of more than and 100 of these differences, it seems that the sales price of the impact of the consumer psychology. In any case, in the face of the same kind of products, the public is always the choice of the cheap one!

two. Jingdong as an e-commerce platform for online shopping professional platform, whether in time or experience or logistics cost control, can be described as the leader of the predecessors. The flying tiger behind even with Foxconn Technology Group Mr. Terry Gou a strong backing, in the online shopping platform seriously seems to be displayed by


three. From the image of the two, Jingdong "problem door" to be resolved. The flying tiger is emerging professional online shopping platform, under the banner of "Flying Tiger Tesco, Qi GO assured" business slogans, and the price is low, this is undoubtedly the consumer’s eye pulled over


four. Jingdong accounted for 34.5% of the market share in the first half of the B2C e-commerce business in the first place. Account for most of the country. The flying tiger can catch up from behind? Seems to be difficult!

five. In terms of after-sales service, the implementation of the flying tigers are in accordance with the provisions of the national three package, the quality of goods returned unconditionally. However, after the emergence of Jingdong problem door, the service will be re reform. So the service in the end who can get the favor of consumers, wait and see!

now the diversified development of large enterprises has to allow SMEs to see what were the tongue, strong pressure in the diversified development of large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises feel oppressed, seems to have no extrusion head powerlessness! In fact, the development of electronic commerce is diversified, through the network channels, as long as the small and medium-sized enterprises to find the promotion methods, to large enterprises learn to hype, "

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