Chant flowers and shopping products Jingdong ious staging why become a fraud

recently, the media reported Alipay "flower chanting" cash scam. Alipay users Mr. Cui gullible friend said "Alipay back to the existing welfare", the account number and password to tell friends, finally use liar in Alipay "to spend 3000 yuan in cash.". And there are a few people who have the same experience and Cui, only his side had 4 friends cheated, the total amount of 12 thousand yuan.

"flower chanting" is an online shopping service launched by Alipay ant micro loan, consumers can buy this month, next month, the loan amount from the ant micro credit comprehensive evaluation gives users of credit. On the Internet there are many similar consumer financial products, such as Tmall’s "installment purchase" and the Jingdong launched the IOUs service.

the Internet consumer financial products seems to be the city "the moonlight clan" of the gospel, but believe the platform itself has regulatory loopholes and part of the user, making some criminals to commit fraud using the Internet consumer financial products. From the beginning of the launch of these products, has become the hardest hit of Internet fraud.

Internet consumer financial products why fraud tools

Internet consumer financial products usually do not require authentication of complicated links, let fraudsters take advantage of. And loan consumption, phased consumption characteristics, so that the possibility of zero cost cash, consumer financial products as a result of the high incidence of fraud. Generally speaking, there are two common means of fraud.

The first kind of

is cheating the identity of the user account information, "the impostor" to achieve cash. All kinds of personnel to cheat the name of defrauding the trust of the victim, so they told the identity information or account information, and then use the identity information to buy high value through consumer financial products, consumer goods, and resell.

in April this year, CCTV financial channel on the exposure of a campus stage fraud case. Fraud gang in the name of part-time, spent 300 yuan to buy the student’s information, the identity of the students to the online platform to purchase loans to buy a mobile phone, and will buy the phone to sell discounted. The students are kept in the dark until the notice came and found cheated, suffer in vain.

another common means of fraud, the gang as a cash intermediary to provide users with product buy back channel, but they often get the money disappeared.

in the "flower chanting", "installment purchase of some fake businesses, they do not sell products as an intermediary in cash. Users are in urgent need of money to buy their products, with a credit limit to their payment, the amount of cash transferred to the user by the intermediary, the end of the entire cash process. But the problem is that there are many intermediaries receive money put buyers to pull the black, disappear, users and come home shorn.

Bai, who is white Jingdong how to anti fraud

for these two kinds of fraud, the major platforms have also introduced anti fraud measures. Jingdong set up specifically to prevent fraud. The functions of posts, called "

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