Packing mother class domain name mother and child market

new father unexpected opportunity

packaged domain name Chinese mother net

almost overnight, Cao Jianjun made a surprising decision.

he spent 100 thousand yuan to buy nearly 200 domain names, these domain names and mother have a relationship. Different from the general domain buyers is that he is not looking for a domain name transfer to profit, but in the hope that the domain name can constitute barriers to help him in the maternal and child market of huge circle a site, creating a "Chinese".

how did a big man suddenly come up with this business? Cao Jianjun admitted that his idea stems from the birth of their own baby.

last year, after his wife was pregnant, Cao Jianjun often search the Internet for maternal and child health care, found that the Internet has not done a very good service in the mother’s website. And his wife spent nearly 20 thousand yuan pregnant nutrition costs, making him aware of maternal and child market profit margins.

can operate a mother and child website?

one night, he was surprised to find on the Internet, similar to the "China mother", "Beijing mother", "baby", "baby" and "parenting" network real name no registration. He had an idea, if all related words can think of a domain name, other people to search the Internet these words are pointing to a place that influence together, it does not become a monopoly?

he was both excited and anxious, more than three couldn’t sleep for fear of others registered. It is not easy to stay up until dawn, immediately called two friends, went to the registration of the 3 institutions, breath registered a domain name of 189, spent nearly $100 thousand. Whether it is "the capital city + mother" and "City + baby" network real name, "" and "" English domain name, or "Chinese mother" and "mother forum" and "China mother network" web site, all he can think of, a clean sweep of all, only the Alibaba to buy it more than and 100.

he lay their own wishful thinking: for most users, rarely remember domain name, but the choice of keywords or real name search. If there are 300 paths to mother’s Web site, now focus on the path of the "mother of China" on the top of the above, which will bring more views, bringing together more members of the 200.

two weeks after Cao Jianjun bought the domain names, he was eyeing the "cake."". Beijing businessmen often and often find him, out of 400 thousand yuan price to buy his whole domain name. Wenzhou, a company is also willing to 20 thousand yuan price to buy Wenzhou baby supplies, these words in the original registration only spent $500.

Cao Jianjun declined the two temptation. "They’re all supporting ‘mother China’," Cao Jianjun said bluntly. "I’m more aware of it."

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