Twelve orders were canceled online shopping without Jingdong bought too much

online shopping, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, microwave oven……

"double 12" order was cancelled due to too much


new house is being renovated Ms. Lee, choose to buy 12 in the buy". "Refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, microwave oven……" Ms. Lee said that he bought a new house on the Jingdong to purchase orders and payment orders, and then wait for the arrival of home appliances. More than and 10 days later, however, the order was cancelled. Cancel the order is not Ms. Lee and his family, not account stolen, but Jingdong staff. This is how the matter is the alleged violations of the Jingdong yesterday, Ms. Lee to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter call for help.

online shopping.

double 12 shopping orders were canceled

new house decoration, waiting for new home admission." Ms. Lee said that he didn’t expect to wait for new online shopping appliances, will become the foreseeable future. 12 in her mind, is a "buy buy buy" and "save time,". Because this day most online shopping discount. Therefore, in this day, Ms. Li from the Jingdong a mall to purchase orders already selected "refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, microwave oven, TV and other household appliances, paid 20 thousand yuan for the purchase, one water heater brand models, the original price of 4400 yuan, the price is only 3500 double 12 day yuan, only a single cheap nearly 1000 yuan, twenty thousand yuan in order to save expenditure 5000 yuan.

Ms. Lee said that he repeatedly counted, I feel very cost-effective. As a result of the purchase of 12 pairs of goods, the general delivery will be relatively late, so after a few days, she did not pay attention to the situation of Jingdong shipments. However, more than and 10 days later, she suddenly received a message that his double orders were canceled all of the 12. However, she logged on her account found that the cancellation of the order is not their own, but another person.

what’s the matter? Is it because the account was stolen? Ms. Lee immediately contact the customer service staff Jingdong.

consulting customer service

"buy a lot of background to cancel my order!"

, however, Ms. Lee from Jingdong customer service staff to get the argument made her very surprised. Ms. Lee said she got the answer is: because I bought a lot of Jingdong simply cancel my order from the background!

, according to Ms. Lee to show her chat with Jingdong customer service records show that the customer service staff said, did not inquire into her home appliance orders in her account. After her delivery of the consignee information, customer service staff said, "found." She asked: "what time arrive?" reply: "for your question to say sorry to you, your order is system lock / delete system based on your purchase order frequency and judgment, because our goods is only for personal consumption for the purpose of eliminating.

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