The electricity supplier taxed wolf Taobao independent coping or heating

the electricity supplier taxation at all, even to move from March Suning to Zhang Jindong, but now more than two months, China’s tax department, finance department, the Department of Commerce have begun to develop the implementation of business tax, the year is expected to introduce, in other words, create a tax from. The proposal to the real implementation time is less than a year, this may create miracle of China’s administrative efficiency.

But no matter how to complain about

electric commercial electricity providers came so fast, the wolf has become an indisputable fact, it triggered a new round of electricity providers and the emergence of new trends, is a business tax or levy VAT, become the focus of the new changes, the overall policy to the value-added tax in accordance with the China industry tax and consumption tax, many experts have suggested that VAT, that is to say from the consumer electronic business platform to buy goods will pay an additional 17% tax, so as C2C business, will suffer a serious blow.

Taobao has the greatest impact on independent coping with loneliness

according to many financial experts said that the current implementation of the VAT, for small sellers in the market rumors so terrible, in fact small sellers including individual sellers will enjoy preferential Small and micro businesses, income tax can be reduced by half, and when the enterprise or individual profit premise shall be exempted from income tax, plus the implementation of value-added tax business tax is actually the final but in 0.8% to 1.7%, also said that for the influence of individual sellers are not so terrible.

, however, since the commercial electricity tax, so there will always be people worried, the Taobao C2C can be described as a huge influence, unless the Taobao store can not profit, once the profit it would have to pay income tax, but also bear the tax caused by the commodity price rise, the industry said, according to the current Taobao C2C industry sales, each year to the state to pay 8 billion to 15 billion of the tax, which was originally part of the money to share these C2C sellers bonus.

many people in the industry said that in the business tax after the introduction, the first to be affected is the Taobao C2C sellers, so Taobao for the tax collection while showed no strong dissatisfaction, but also took some Quxianjiuguo way, think it is too early for the C2C collection business tax, but a separate deal with state tax there are so many departments, the line retail tycoon, is obviously intense.

mall will not understand the truth is from ruin, Chunwangchihan

tax crisis seems to only deal with the electricity supplier for Taobao a great impact on other electricity supplier industry may influence is not very prominent, then the Jingdong, Tencent and Baidu will not point out that questioned the voice? In fact if the United States imposed tax difficulties will be able to see the business of this point, closely related to the truth who will understand. So Taobao is not in fact when Zhang Jindong proposed a fight a lone battle, electricity >

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