Shanghai Longfeng Science from the reflections in the teacher interview A5

and the Shanghai dragon flow are included, rankings and click. First of all included, general website there are problems, real included is not very good. Included not only look at the site data, it is not really included. Our website must have room for improvement in the collection. And if you want the flow, it must be the three factors of the data, and then carefully analyzed, the three is the general overall included data, the overall ranking data, the overall hit rate data. Every day of recording, sorting, analysis, need to use Excel tools, IIS log analysis of the site, after analysis found nuclear >

Shanghai dragon is not a single post, and do not blindly external links, site, blog. But many need to analyze the real data, only the data thorough analysis, in order to find the problem, such as problems included within the page of your web site, far more than you think, some large web pages, spiders and even within a year are not crawling once, so much not included and ranking. We do a lot of research data and summary, with the facts, the real Shanghai dragon to achieve controllable. So the Shanghai dragon is not a matter of time, the problem is. With the people, if we do data mining, maybe half a year can do well, and if the state has been in fur, after five years is still not greatly improved.

three: Shanghai dragon association factors included, rankings and click

The 3 factors most relevant Shanghai dragon

on this issue before, we must first understand the web page ranking and website ranking. The optimization of the website is a single web page. Whether the keywords ranking, or the user search results are based on web. "But want a good ranking site needs to have good weight on the whole. Through in the summary of the teacher, can be found in the weight gain and PR external links, and there is no direct relationship, many sites do not rely on external links, can get good rankings. The weight of the website is composed of a search engine accumulation positive factors of a website, the website of the degree of attention. So not only to a single factor, such as the quantity, the chain of the PR value as the site weight.


Shanghai dragon is controllable and methods: six months on the road

science is a word often heard recently, focusing on data mining and analysis, scientific method for site control of the Shanghai dragon. The concept of mind before ingrained, such as site, for example, included the PR value, such as the number of external links, such as the core keyword ranking, these concepts have a certain degree of deviation, sometimes these theories seem correct, but just knowing but not the why. Today to share with you my thoughts, lists a total of four points, also hope to help.

rank: PR and weight of drive chain is not representative of all

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