Love Shanghai Encyclopedia of 2 novice successful adding links in Wikipedia experience sharing

website mainly want to push the 3 kinds of products, two kinds of quasi famous medicines, health products for health brands, two entries already exist, a new entry is needed, a lot of people saying four of the following do this is very difficult, but in my experience, and not imagine complex. I feel, successful experience:

love Shanghai’s own products have been so Shanghai dragon chain with special respect, work, if we can in Shanghai know love or love to leave your link to the Shanghai encyclopedia, this link is quite high quality links, especially the Shanghai encyclopedia links in love. Shanghai dragon has recently been doing a medical website, because it is new, so the chain for trouble. Then I saw a man do the experience of the chain in Shanghai love encyclopedia share, the feeling is not so low success rate, then registered a Wikipedia account, "the chain plot" encyclopedia.

our goal is to leave a link, so leave the link to stand the test, try to make the page look normal, normal, do not have too many objectionable content, even after you change the way you want.


if your entry is denied, do not be discouraged, the rejection check, as far as possible from this side to modify, improve, and then submit, generally will finally get through.


is now assistant editor of grade two, is working to upgrade as soon as possible, to four, in addition, Chinese are doing cardio cerebral vascular network (贵族宝贝zyzxn贵族宝贝) in construction, the original articles updated daily 15-20 text (non pseudo original), chain and chain has gradually increased, there are do the medical station friend, can support, change the Links first. Today NiuDao, successfully fix three entries, have left a link, is happy, I wish you all a good mood can.

don’t write too much content in, write more, need to review the more. Write a little less on the line, the key is to describe the objective, not subjective feelings and words, we just need a link, as long as the last link, we will be successful, so don’t want to do here like advertising, only need to objectively describe can. This is either a new entry or edit entries are available.

to amend the original entry in the not accurate and objective content; increase the atlas, the picture to entry; new 1-2 description; correctly set open partitions can be edit entries and get higher rate by reason, don’t try to big changes, here is the He that talks much errs much. I have an entry, modify only two words in the original entry, with a picture of the product was passed, of course with links.

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