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chain, has been the focus of website optimization. The key is how to make. This point is the core content. At the same time, the dynamic search engine, should pay attention to. This is mainly depends on the optimization, which search engine ranking. Spend a little more time to study, to achieve the corresponding. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuancang贵族宝贝


chain, the optimization in the early days of the web, play a very significant effect. As the chain large numbers, website keyword rankings, site overall weight. Which website traffic, website conversion rate will increase. So far, the search engines are concentrating on this point, to start the corresponding rules, the chain effectively regulate the market, such as the sale of the chain.

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hard for a period of time, save the chain. Gradually eliminated, see the website traffic in decline. However, the remedy is not a short duration of time can completely restore. If you use the method with the new rules of overseas chain, to delete the chain, also is in the "Dutch act", will direct the serious consequences.


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the current situation, the foreign chain began gradually "encirclement". Such as the recent love Shanghai’s new "chain" judge a book, clear to regulate the love Shanghai chain. For example, for some of the chain is large, uneven levels of quality of the website, make the appropriate punishment. This is also so many station optimization a headache the bitter.

two, improve reading chain content. As is written on the collection, to have certain correlation. And the previous practice, have changed significantly. To effectively guide the user to read, be able to browse all. If can be reproduced, or the corresponding comment for article is all has certain benefits. As a search engine that will, this article for the readers, the corresponding help. It can effectively deal with the days and months multiplying, the chain rule at present.


, to the weight of the high information network, forum, blog, publish the content of the original article. Early, don’t take the chain corresponding, there are some obvious tips for keywords. Waiting gradually by the search engine spiders are concerned, every day to grab your user information in the original content. In this way, you can gradually add some links, but to note the number retracement of text links;

so, according to the present situation of the chain now, how should I do? This is the station optimization personnel, should consider the problem? According to the current situation, the search engine so as to improve the corresponding requirements, in accordance with the rules. In view of the present situation, can only be to. You can focus on the following two aspects of the work of the late start.

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