Love Shanghai know some factors ranking

in addition, Emmar also summed up the love does not affect Shanghai know ranking factors:

2, Shanghai also know love to do the Shanghai dragon optimization, of course, also can not deliberately stack, questions can be repeated 2 words, 3 times, but can make the best sentence;

;To solve the problem of

4, the level of respondents, high level and low level did not affect what the key can help users solve problems;

love Shanghai know main goal is to increase the ranking in Shanghai know love questions (and answers) exposure, and in Shanghai love to know the answer to increase target keywords live site, increase the target site link bait and user search tips, to achieve the purpose of flow into.

love Shanghai know ranking principle is mainly through the question and answer mode, add some key words in the question, through some means to make love in Shanghai know that love Shanghai search rankings.

3, a very large number of praise to adopt answer to the influence of the ranking;


love Shanghai know, I believe we should know its quality, Emmar some time ago to do some chain of love in Shanghai know, today and share with you love Shanghai know some factors ranking.

1, ask a question if too hot, do not necessarily have good rankings, if the question is some of the more high quality of the long tail, the ranking effect will be better;

, the 1 questions on the problem description on the ranking of the impact is relatively large, there is a detailed description of the problem of ranking is relatively good;


8, with reference to know love Shanghai ".

we all know, the chain resources is Shanghai Longfeng late frequently encountered problems, common third party forum, blog, independent blog comment, is not to make you feel a little did not mind? In fact the chain construction is not only physical, and mental live, you have to let the chain survive in the brains under various conditions, the general third party blog, forum, blog comments such as these independent resources are all too much, and weight are not high, so the development of effective, high quality external resources, will test your brain power.

3, the questioner didn’t know what the basic level ranking effect on the love of Shanghai;

The basic

7, evaluation of the best answer to the question has no effect on the ranking;

5, and the number of answer ranking problem basically did not answer how much, what relationships are the same;

6, the time ranking effect is very weak;

The chain of

2, in the event of a problem description in the frequency of love Shanghai know ranking effect;

in the end is what factors influence ranking factors like Shanghai know? To sum it up:

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