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2, a clear project operation ideas, establish the project operation plan.


before "VS ZhengZhan optimization keywords optimization who is the real king" in gratitude for the service and content of ZhengZhan optimization is introduced in detail, here I will not do too much introduction, I mainly want to introduce the specific service process under ZhengZhan optimization, hope to help you have Shanghai Longfeng station.

layout of the web site after the operation we need to clear the project, making the project operation plan. The site needs to be optimized on-line keywords more optimization page keywords of the layout of the more, so in the process we followed by home column page – single page (news, product detail page) the operation of ideas, the purpose of this operation is to increase the weight of the site home page, we all know is the weight of a web page the site of a page is the highest, the highest recognition search engine, a page weight to the highest. If the weight of home page provided, then the weights within the page will also improve, even if you don’t have to have the inside pages to optimize the operation, the keyword page layout will likely launch. The project operation scheme including website (website uploaded to the server by the test space), the operation period approved (website indexed by search engines), operation period (keywords operation on-line), a period of consolidation (online project maintenance, keywords) each stage is composed by >

1, a clear theme of the site location, do the layout of the keywords.

clear website theme positioning is the core of the website optimization, website planning is the first step, the theme of the site status mainly includes two parts: one is the positioning of the site, two is the theme of the website; the website localization is to determine the site characteristics, the use of occasions, the use of special groups, is the site on the web. Is the localization sites in the network of consumer groups and image. Optimization of the layout of the keywords as the essence of ZhengZhan optimization, although ZhengZhan optimization is an optimization method for a comprehensive website, comprehensive, keyword optimization is just a part of it, my personal understanding of the whole optimization, keywords ranking is still an important part of the whole station optimization, either the online keyword ranking as the evaluation index of the project or to site traffic is introduced as the evaluation index of the project, on-line optimization keywords are fundamental, by optimizing the operation of on-line keywords can bring more and more quality traffic to a site, is mainly to enhance the website weight. So do the layout can be described as keyword keyword ZhengZhan optimization steps, we usually will optimize the keywords according to the degree of difficulty is divided into popular keywords, ordinary words, accurate keywords, in the layout of the keywords used from difficult to easy layout ideas from home column page – single page (page), keywords the layout needs associated with the landing page theme.


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