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here is the content of the original article always said. Everyone in the copy, are in the collection, in the pseudo original. If this time, our competitors can really solve the problem of manufacturing to write the original article, so his site will win in our site. So, why don’t we have to run our site myself as a fully understand Shanghai Longfeng people? What keywords setting, site layout, layout and so on the long tail of everyone will, or the establishment of the CMS program are ready-made, as long as I set up easily. So, with the mentality of zero, and then go back to the origin of the site, we will bring the harvest harvest content.

so far, with the rise of large-scale Shanghai dragon training. As long as the webmaster or site construction personnel, basically know this or that Shanghai dragon technology. This is like in 03, 04 years of age, almost all of the people do not understand the Shanghai dragon like. Then make a hypothesis if everyone will Shanghai Longfeng, our website will be what kind of situation? In fact, again with the back to the origin. It is to rely on the website content and resources. The key is how we want to grasp the content and use of resources, manufacturing.

resources, that is outside the chain. The chain has been very thorough analysis, the anchor text chain, pure text outside the chain, the chain and so on. Personally think that, in addition to the chain to operate their own sites and to exchange the artificial flowers. Various other forms of the chain is not good to do others, such as the formation of soft text outside the chain, the other station reprint takes a certain amount of money to form a large site published articles make the chain etc.. Here is how we can better and more rational use of resources. Because we all know that the chain is important, but the real implementation is not too much, especially our competitors, if he didn’t go to do this, we do it. Must be able to surpass him.

As for

so, how to optimize the site competition? Think after all or the implementation of the competition. Dong’ou valve network www.dopv.cn personal company operation. Since the beginning of the site are reproduced, causing the site has been included on the go. Technical staff after the analysis of the situation, decided to integrate over the article, each one to edit, then as long as the content appeared in the relevant keywords, every word corresponding to the chain. Adding to yuanwenzhang no picture, forming a real human editors. In order to achieve the original articles, or carefully edited the pseudo original articles to. There is a chain of integration, whether it is soso, ask the love Shanghai library, A5 soft, artificial exchange, sharing application, love love Shanghai Shanghai statistical applications, Sina independent blog establishment, the establishment of micro-blog and so on, every day in the implementation of non-stop, yesterday may be big update the amount collected site also slowly up, keywords ranking, such as the water pump index 1000 words to third pages. So hard to perform learn >

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