The new keyword selection is the priority among priorities

3, now many users know 1,2 words just is hard to their search to find the content, gradually began to tend to use 2,3 words in short sentences to search for relevant information, which means that the choice of long tail keywords is key. The choice of long tail keywords competition is small, and a certain amount of search. In general there are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large, so the long tail keywords to find a few more operation.

4, in the choice of when to consider also the key whether you can bring the conversion rate, after all, traffic and rank only to allow more users to buy your products, can improve the conversion rate of the word is the website of real assets. This keyword, you first need to jump out of the Shanghai dragon identity, from the user’s perspective, to understand the needs of users, allowing users to search for relevant information can accurately find. >

1, select the keywords must be associated with the content of the website, cry up wine and sell vinegar things must not be done, this will only cause the search engine and the user of the site. Oh, this is when the crap, it shouldn’t be that 2 of the goods will do so.

2, the choice of keywords to bring benefit to the site, must ensure that people search keywords, especially the target keywords, too few people search for, of course, is not the more the better search volume, should be analyzed according to the characteristics of your site, and then select. Broad keywords competition degree is very large, want to do keyword ranking to the top ten or twenty money, to spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands can not terrible, but the millions of sentences, even if your website of this kind of key words in the front row, this kind of search key words the user is also very objective broad, not sure, the conversion rate is low, so the input-output ratio will make you lose.

in the search engine retrieval is achieved through the keyword of the input information, it can reflect the importance of keywords. I believe there are a lot of friends do not know how to choose keywords in the website construction, especially in the face of a lot of new words, do not start, "ah, but we can not directly jump over, as Shanghai Longfeng, must first clear what is web site of the theme, what direction to go, the site’s target keywords and long tail keywords directly can influence the theme and the location of the web site, hastily choose keywords, will only let you encounter a lot of trouble in the post, or keyword competition is too fierce, resulting in ranking does not go on, or is the choice of keywords too far, not what people search for, even if ranking do not go up, what flow. So you do pre optimization work is basically a waste, only around a big circle back and choose keywords to operate. So as a qualified Shanghai dragon, must know how to select the site keywords. Of course, the choice of keywords is not an easy job to do things, to consider many factors, following a brief talk about:


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