Website optimization analysis of competitors

first we determine our keywords so we have to analyze the eagle sanitary wares, the key index we love Shanghai, love Shanghai index query website 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝 to query the keyword index: love Shanghai figure (Figure 1)

so we must realize the eagle sanitary keyword ranking to the home page, we need to analyze the 10 ranking on the first page of search results (love Shanghai search engine page 10), we want to row to the first page, then we have a crowding out of the 10, under our >

in Figure 1 we can see the keyword daily, monthly and quarterly keyword index clearly, by Figure 1, we see in this keyword last month daily search Eagle sanitary wares are more than 160, that is to say there are more than 160 Internet users search for the keyword in the search engines love Shanghai Eagle sanitary wares every day, the 160 men are very precise target customers. From Figure 2 we can see the recent trend of users and media attention of Eagle sanitary wares:

in our website we need early to determine the core keywords and target keywords good website, after we determine a good website keyword we want to analyze these key competitive sites here to love Shanghai search engine optimization, for example, keyword to Eagle sanitary wares for example:


Figure 4


in Figure 3 we can see the eagle bathroom related search words, these words we can do for our target keyword set to our column page to do, of course, according to the relevant key words we also need to love its Shanghai index competition analysis……

The Figure 1

in the search engine below (see Figure 4) we see that such a statement "to find relevant results about 1330000, which means the keyword love Shanghai Eagle sanitary wares precision is 1 million 330 thousand, above and below, in addition to the right of the search results of the three plates were 11 for position, a competition this is a hot fire for a key for a keyword that we persevere through our good, Shanghai dragon to achieve keyword ranking page relative or can be realized.

Figure 2

Shanghai index after love Eagle sanitary wares we take at the key competition in our understanding of love Shanghai, first we open love Shanghai, then we enter the Shanghai Eagle sanitary wares, click on love.



Figure 3

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