Some love Shanghai and Google search engine included different

summary: more than three points, is my views according to the actual experience of most built station of hope, it is of significance to the new owners, more love Shanghai Google search engine this to go to the station (贵族宝贝QuJianZhan贵族宝贝), the original address: 贵族宝贝 www.qujianzhan贵族宝贝/Article/937/151944 feature, Zhiyizhibi, to avoid detours.

The first point: a collection of different time

for any webmaster, without exception, to love Shanghai, and Google search engine to deal with every day, for the new owners is more important, but the frustration is the site in Shanghai and Google ranking but not to their own will, I do go to the station from the network for nearly a year to talk about the feeling a few points of these two different search engine giant.

second: the weight and ranking of different sites. Love Shanghai included your site, if there is no violation of the love of Shanghai included measures for the administration of the general weight is relatively stable, mainly in the title of the page can usually row to the first page, and sometimes will drop a few places, but insist on optimization, will soon be restored. This Google is different, but the rankings included early, maintain a short time, it is the first release of your web site, and then investigate and determine rankings, so some sites started a few days in the home row may disappear.

third: update time. Website home page and included update time love Shanghai general update in the morning, determine the snapshot snapshot within three days of the general weight is relatively high, while the Google update time in the afternoon, may also not related with the time difference, updated daily, general set your ranking, for a period of time is difficult to have a big progress! As for the new article update time, according to the website weight, weight high website, usually written original articles included 1 minutes.

. The site, the first thing to do is to routinely every webmaster love Shanghai, submitted to the Google search engine website, but it is found that Google included time will be faster, if the site has been submitted, the fastest hours, slow 1-3 day also included, in general, if the hot – the name of your website is not some broad, can to the first row in Google. Included in the time, love of Shanghai is relatively slower, I mean from the website to submit to search the love from Shanghai to your site, of course, it may also have a representation, because the love of Shanghai generally have a the new study period, mainly in Shanghai, and you from love to search time and love Shanghai snapshot is sometimes not the same, the snapshot to be earlier, so the actual included time for this is a snapshot of the time.

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