Hinder enterprise promotion is not Shanghai Dragon technology but their own thinking


this kind of crowd most, but not the biggest obstacles, now almost every day there are 3-5 of this kind of technology is blank white consulting Cen Huiyu, but most of them are consulting the technical issues, crying corporate website do not face up, fired, asked me how to operate this website, from their problems are not difficult to they found that full of confusion, do not know how to operate, what impressed me most was a day released 120 of the chain, I admire his persistence, but when he saw the site deficiencies, put forward, his response was: I will not do, do not modify the code, are modified. There was an obvious technical flaws.

enterprise website, always brains let customers contact you, often find the phenomenon that some enterprise website, when users browse, many will pop-up dialog box, to cover the whole site, fearing to user consultation, the line of thinking is nothing more than a sichanlanda, imposed product advantages to the user, to engage in to the phone, regardless of need, and use on the Internet, you have to consider the user is doing in the site, no matter what, I think the first demand is not online consultation or call, at the same time, Shanghai will also love box too much of this kind of mandatory bomb site

. A lack of Shanghai Longfeng own technology


real search engine optimization is to assist the search engine to solve the problem of the user, rather than using some " shortcut; " search engine cheating, be conducive to search engine optimization, to make the user experience of the website, so that you can make your Shanghai dragon road farther, let the enterprise Shanghai Dragon more brilliant.

a few days ago a friend seek advice to Cen Huiyu, said the website why ranking fell, and ranked no conversion of such problems, I looked at the site, the site seems to be heating industry layout, navigation ordinary, in a complete mess, not what to attract users, which I gave him some but these suggestions have been proposed, he rejected, the reason is: the boss not to change. So the question is, I want to the website, but not to change, how to do? To be honest, also can send the chain update text, ADO, following one by one example actually interfere with enterprise promotion factors in Shanghai dragon.


at present, with the love of Shanghai bidding weakened, more companies targeting the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion, therefore, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is reused, some white, some master, but in the face of the enterprise to optimize the promotion at the same time, often push hindered, cause the optimization effect is not significantly improved, and for these reasons the origin, often exist in the enterprise will be the next line of thinking to using the Internet, as Shanghai dragon Er, often have a bitter.

operation thinking imposed on Internet companies thinking line

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