Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese word matching and complete matching

gold dragon"The main problem of

may be asked in the home is not completely, ah, so here I give an example of a post the same to different places, they can see the position, you would think they can together side by side position. It is clear that it is not possible, love Shanghai also has its calculation methods, such as various types of tools mentioned in Shanghai love weight. Do you think the weight of the 1 can be compared with the weight of 6, it is obviously not possible.

just a week through the 4 love Shanghai small update, the site’s ranking dropped down a lot. Liu Minhua and friends of the personal blog is quickly occupied in front of me. Why today to write this post, because friends website recently has not updated, updated snapshot and very delay. On the contrary the website is updated daily, and the snapshot also very long, why would such a question. Then the author took this to consult teacher Zhu Weikun. The conversation involves two knowledge points Chinese word matching complete matching



the answer is no, everything in the world there is no absolute good, so it is also perfectly matched. Another example of a website’s title is written so

match, can be deeply understood literally. Is exactly the same, such as search the name "Li Jinlong" so in Shanghai love home appears is certainly the name "Li Jinlong" together, instead of "Li xxxxx XXX

match than Chinese segmentation,

"today I want to eat what, what I want to buy clothes today, I want to see what movie today, today I want to listen to what song, I want to see what the book… Today XX network


today is the analysis of differences Chinese word matching and complete matching. The above briefly, friends of the site through the match beyond the author’s website, then why would he go beyond? Please look down

yes, for example search "what you eat in the morning" clearly see in front of the row is perfectly matched, and we go back to see below, continue to appear rosy words is no longer what to eat in the morning, there are more "in the morning eat what" "what to eat" in the morning "eat what" so perhaps we will understand the significance of


, born than the Chinese word matching to have the advantage of ranking

Chinese word matching is divided into string matching, understand the word segmentation method, statistic method. The most commonly used for string matching, the string matching is divided into forward maximum matching method, reverse maximum matching method, least segmentation, bidirectional maximum matching method. The specific contents refer to Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, or the author’s personal blog in detail.

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