The cause of high similarity of web page content and Solutions

4, URL plus any character or return 200 status code.

generally speaking, in the construction process of the website, which is very difficult to avoid duplicate content, but duplicate content will affect the site in the search engine’s performance to a great extent. Today and everyone study content is generated and the solution of duplicate content.

canonicalization problems including the main domain of the standardized two aspects of standardization to standardize the domain name. The other is the inside pages of the URL standard, usually in order to grab web content for search engines can be better, we will URL pseudo static and pseudo static treatment, site general after the original dynamic URL still exist and are able to access, thus causing a URL to access the same web site.

1, standardization of website.

then the problem is the first search engine, how to determine which page is the most genuine, and whether the webmaster want to recommend the same page, if the search engine judgment, the original page as a copy, copy the page as the original page, and you are in the process of promotion the original, it is futile. In addition to a web site page has more than one copy will be scattered pages >

repetitive content

do a lot there is a misunderstanding that the Shanghai dragon, if the site has duplicate content search engine will be punished, in fact it is not so serious, the search engine will repeat in all the pages and choose a best version of that to participate in the rankings, other similar content will not have at the same time ranking.

2, other versions of

check whether the page has repeated version has a relatively simple method, the content is randomly selected words in double quotes after the search, from the results we can see how much of a repeat of the page. Because usually randomly selected a word search probability of complete life is relatively small.

3, the website structure

The harm of And the URL page address specification content

many sites in the structure design at the beginning and did not consider the factors of Shanghai Longfeng the result is caused by various page versions, such as product price, comments, time sorting, especially some e-commerce sites, this phenomenon is particularly serious repeat page.

some websites because of web application and technology, users are free to add some characters in the URL parameter behind the normal access, and the page is not added before and repeat.

is the main cause of

duplicate content

many sites beyond the normal version also provides some other versions of browsers, such as print or short version, but did not stop the search engine to crawl these pages, and these pages therefore becomes a duplicate content page.

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