Shanghai dragon SEM website promotion network marketing and website operation relationship

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and SEM have the same Shanghai dragon is a kind of search engine marketing, a show by the ad auction results, is a low-cost marketing mode, also is the natural ranking.

, SEM, Shanghai, about the relationship between website promotion, network marketing and website operation

website promotion and the other way:

SEM as a way to pay the auction, now the mainstream is love Shanghai (love Shanghai auction), 360 (for foreign trade promotion and Google auction site). At the same time, there are some other things like sogou. The same so-called auction, is not to say that you pay the highest can obtain good benefits, good rankings. Which also contains a lot of knowledge. For example, we see a very simple search results show the bidding, there are a lot of knowledge, we can see is the title, creative (in Shanghai Longfeng in the description), and url. The title is very creative gold, you can click on how the layout allows users to produce this very important. Because you have to pay a fee, certainly need to put your money to let him have effect. Even if this show also need good ideas.

said the first Shanghai dragon and SEM relationship between

Tanzhou College Network Marketing Forum Shanghai Longfeng technical articles daily chart for you today,

said a lot of things here, think Shanghai dragon is a free way of marketing. In fact if you think is free marketing mode. It means that you will pay a higher price. Why, because Shanghai needs to see the effect of Longfeng need to invest in human capital and capital time. Of course, Shanghai dragon technical ability. Or on the market now why Shanghai Longfeng executives can have such a big market space.

At the same time, the


at the same time we also have to see the results. For example, you pay sometimes keywords will not necessarily show, why? Is your bid and decides the number of stars. Is the quality of bid is not reasonable, it is difficult to have the opportunity. Of course, if it is popular words. Not very hot words, you say you do not pay attention to show. I would not say what. So now also contains a lot of knowledge to do the bidding. So we need to learn. For example, now a bidding supervisor sometimes in some industries than wages are high. Why is because of this very important aspect. Of course, the bidding is mainly promoted. The transformation is better or to make our website landing page, which is the user through the auction page click love Shanghai. The page layout is also very important.

also is a natural result of natural ranking through search engine keywords reaction analysis, analysis of user needs, data analysis. From the homepage to the channel page. The contents page of each page to allow users to reflect the love, also should reflect the key words. To participate in the rankings.

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