Exposure Ali investment easy Fruit Network open logistics services Tmall supermarket

May 26th news, according to sources, Alibaba group at the end of last year on the investment of fresh electricity supplier easy fruit network, the amount of investment in the tens of millions of levels, but the specific amount and equity ratio did not disclose. Billion state power network on the matter to the fresh fruit is easy to ask, the official did not respond to temporarily.

the source believes that fresh fruit strong supply chain resources and logistics and distribution capabilities are valued by Alibaba, Alibaba is an important reason for its investment.

fresh fruit was founded in 2005, after many years of accumulation has a number of high-quality fresh suppliers and offline warehousing and logistics resources, and in the Yangtze River Delta region also has thousands of stores resources." The news source, now easy fruit fresh monthly sales should be in about five or six million, the peak is far more than this value.

Tmall supermarket fresh food distribution in the future will be mainly from the fresh fruit of self built logistics completed. Insiders pointed out: with a large number of orders Tmall supermarket, fresh fruit logistics and distribution capabilities can be fully utilized, will greatly reduce its cost."

another insiders pointed out that the main sales of high-grade fresh fruit to fruit, the fruit imports accounted for 50% of the higher price, but the self built logistics, and upstream base deep cooperation and consumer education needs strong financial support. The support of large electronic business platform can not only bring money, but also the flow of resources and scale advantages.

it is understood that easy fruit since 2014 to become a partner of Tmall, the two sides began in-depth cooperation, easy to participate in a number of important impact Tmall planning.

days ago, Tmall launched the "apple new starting activities" partners is easy fruit fresh flagship store, the sales of imported New Zealand apple Queen. Therefore, fresh fruit is easy to send the first batch of buyers to book the red rose apple farm in new zealand.

fresh electricity supplier has a strong imagination, the major electricity supplier platform has begun to actively layout. The day before, the Jingdong joint investors, led a $70 million orchard every day. Jingdong Jiang Wei orchard every day to provide logistics support system, and accelerate the completion of the national market layout in the supply chain.

fresh seller pointed out that Jingdong and Ali have attached great importance to fresh fields, but these large-scale integrated business platform if their own layout, not only the high cost and low efficiency, difficult to quickly fix many suppliers of resources, investment, acquisition is a better choice.

, the strength of the vertical fresh access to financial support, the field will usher in a new round of fierce competition. Some do not have the funds, the advantage of fresh electricity supplier will be cleaned out." The fresh seller pointed out that although the development of fresh electricity supplier is the key to the ability of supply chain management, but at this stage most of the fresh electricity supplier short-term earnings hopeless, capital transfusion has become a necessary condition to stick to it.

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