The development of electronic commerce in Shanghai Longfeng optimization will become more and more s

second, Shanghai dragon Er also more and more rational.

first, analysis of the historical origin of Shanghai dragon.

we know before 2010 only depends on the content of the website and the chain can be optimized website fast to love Shanghai home, but this way has been completely unable to meet the requirements of the current search engine for website quality, the most fundamental is to consider the user experience, such as web page layout design, web site keywords layout, construction site the quality of the chain, the construction of website, the residence time of the visitors in the website, the website of the viscosity and so on. These details will become a key restriction site ranking and weight development, so Shanghai dragon Er optimization website also gradually become more rational, a lot of black hat way already fell in love with the sea does not work, white hat optimization can make a web site to keep steady steady weight in an ideal position to do the only honest.

as everyone knows, website optimization development time at home and really fire up time is from 2004 to 2007, Shanghai has more and more domestic dragon in the development of mature, mainly due to the search engine algorithm upgrade and change for the water requirements of website quality rise to now optimize the competition trend is more and more obvious, the moment we should analyze the website optimization through the details of what the author today and we explore the development of Shanghai dragon optimization will become more and more standardized under electronic commerce, we enter the theme good today.

foreign Shanghai dragon in 1999 is very popular but time really popular in China since 2005, since the Shanghai dragon experienced nearly 10 years of development, has gradually become a mature industry, but I believe that Shanghai will continue to develop lasting dragon, because with the Internet hardware and software infrastructure gradually improved and with the rapid development of Internet, more and more businesses will turn their attention to the Internet advertising and sales. We can see that the enterprise website gradually all kinds of Internet marketing, Taobao C shop, Tmall store the popularity of these shops to Taobao customers to promote the optimization of Taobao for example Shanghai dragon a way to get the most accurate passenger flow, the Shanghai dragon optimization trend is increasingly obvious, all operations are inseparable from the Internet website marketing two words, Shanghai dragon is really the most fundamental aspects of search engine marketing.

third, Shanghai dragon will spread gradually.

with the Shanghai dragon rising demand, many of today’s Internet Co in Shanghai Longfeng demand soared, but we found that a lot of colleges and universities have not opened in the course, which makes the most of coming into society, facing the students looking for work do not understand it, don’t even say learning it. The author found that the current Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is not a lot of e-commerce was born, many of them are from the lowest level of editing website, website program change, because these people stand in the forefront of the Internet constantly grasp the pulse of the latest Internet, Internet >

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