The website of Shanghai Longfeng scheme competitor analysis

(3) and included the chain included needless to say, included is the foundation of the rankings, a collection of high ranking sites is not high, especially now love Shanghai catch catch original Henxiong, included also can see the site of the original. Outside the chain, love Shanghai has been in the adjustment of the chain chain algorithm, many conventional fabrication methods and failure, so appropriate to see the source of the rival chain, can find a lot of resources to save time.

(1) site weight, PR value, domain name age love official in Shanghai has long been famous, just love Shanghai love weight station, webmaster tools, website for web site keywords ranking is expected to bring traffic to the site, the site of third party hierarchy of 0-10 popularity evaluation data. Love is not love Shanghai Shanghai official weight said, but the data can directly response web site ranking keywords especially long tail word ranking, can the quality of response of a web site to a great extent. The PR value is a data used to assess the importance of "noble baby, not what now looks like so much love and love from Shanghai, but the development of Shanghai in recent years, Shanghai has actually been in imitation of noble love baby, the website wants to win in the future, we must pay attention to the PR value. The domain name age would not have said, love Shanghai this reaction is quite obvious, the website weight often domain age high is high, especially the enterprise station.

development site plan, competitor analysis is essential, the enemy awareness, then we should analyze what when analyzing competitors? What are the specific indicators is that we should pay attention to? Peng Jinjie today in this article from the analysis on competitor details simply talk about how to operate the concrete, concrete analysis the competitors, can be roughly from the following five aspects:

(4) the content of the original and keyword density control and internal links (website structure) the original query method is to find a recent update of the article, a copy of which, directly in the search results page love Shanghai, from the implementation of the analysis of the original articles can be directly to. Which we should also observe the internal links in the site is how to make the. In fact, Peng Jinjie, internal links (website structure) this one is to reflect the competitiveness of the local website, especially large websites, has a great impact on the site keywords ranking.

(5) by means of promotion of socialization of social promotion means more and more heat, pay more attention to the love of Shanghai, the appropriate observation site if there are rival applications and social networking platform plug-in (such as Shanghai love sharing) and skills, can be.

(2) website snapshot again that love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot and ranking no what relationship, but it is undeniable that love Shanghai snapshot a direct response to the site update frequency, included speed, spider crawling frequency, also from the side reflects the love Shanghai emphasis on this website. So this data is also very important.

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