Keywords breakthrough limitations to make good use of network elements for Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng personnel must now have an experience, that is Shanghai dragon life is becoming increasingly difficult, with the popularization of knowledge and the growth of Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng enterprise geometry level, love Shanghai keyword limited display page and relatively close to the unlimited keyword ranking first the demand, has become the main contradiction in Shanghai Dragon optimization of the staff, do not flow keywords can not come, so busy all day outside the chain of content and even to the point of sleepless nights.

my article "small Yue Yue" inspired micro film to mention Shanghai dragon in a popular event, with micro movies in the future will be red. So when the hot events came out after the long tail keywords we can advance the layout of popular events with micro film. This thinking is the use of network elements do flow method. Taking advantage of new network element micro film, to popular events influence, this is a new field, if we are ahead of the layout, is a part of the flow can be divided into. This is an example of the popular keywords thermal film. Go along this thinking, we can advance the layout more micro film of this type. For example, the 2012 Spring Festival Gala micro film, Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China, has become a symbol of my Chinese traditional culture, although many people called the Spring Festival Gala, that is because turn iron into steel, want to do better in spring. This program as a large collection of stars, national attention and controversy, micro film must be conceivable in the spring as the shadow follows the form, and will produce a large number of Spring Festival micro film, grassroots Xiao Shenyang imitation, imitation of Zhao Benshan this kind of micro film 2012 Spring Festival gala. What >

countless classic case of market economics tells us that the homogenization of products lead to suicide is the inevitable result of price competition, long-term price competition price for enterprises is undoubtedly suicidal, but don’t kill the price that is waiting to die, now Shanghai dragon industry has come to this step, with the knowledge of the Shanghai Dragon the popularity of a large number of enterprises enter, optimize the operation technique of homogenization, resulting in a situation of internal friction. Do not upgrade the optimization coefficient, now declining, blog forum signature weight chain weight falling and Links weight falling, had tested tricks, now such as cattle into the sea had no response, I feel myself. Now have exhausted his wits. From these phenomena can see the plight of Shanghai dragon is a love, Shanghai home is close to the saturation capacity. The chain and content more can only cancel each other, there is a zero sum competition. In the face of website optimization how can we find the Dragon turn for the better optimization analysis before the crisis in Shanghai, worked on my website "network marketing front", Shanghai Dragon Development Dilemma in the next one or two years, the promotion of the website optimization can not only rely on by key words, and should be a breakthrough the limitations of keywords keywords, to expand the broader. How to break through the limitations of the keywords, different industries have different methods, and now Yang Lianggao share a new element, the use of network flow method.

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