Love to see the search engine optimization promotion from Valentine’s Day

we all know, search engine optimization is mainly to obtain trust, then ranking and other what, in order to survive, but love is to give each other a good impression, this is the most important, like a new station on the line, submit some search engine landing entrance is the same reason, in a this process is called, can be seen, the author of Shanghai dragon master, after submission to the high quality of the forum or other types of Web site of the chain, is to attract the spider to their site index, while the love is so polite, just know the best, can let them see themselves the advantages of this is why others than their own understanding more easily become the secret lovers.

: the first optimization requires a degree of trust

yesterday is the Western Valentine’s day, Mo Xiangzhao launched on twenty-fifth speed transit period, the main business enterprise is Valentine’s day. What do you think of miscellaneous heap promotion, this is the first time to initiate the topic, personal feeling is can get many friends in the industry support, and yesterday a most popular topic is Valentine’s love, as freelance writer, also slightly to see the bit, so today to share, how to love to see the search engine optimization promotion from Valentine’s day.

third: Shanghai dragon is rijiushengqing

often see many webmaster reactions, by K off the front page, ranking dropped, these are the most suffer in Shanghai Longfeng process, and the blog Mo Xiang Mega nearly two months has not been updated, text the word ranking was thirteen, because has a certain value, and love a lot of people are too behave yourself, or let them feel you are worth using various means, this is the difference between white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, any web site is not the result of chance, in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, we adopt the strategy that is. The right to treat each other, you will have a wonderful love, and search engine optimization is the same, do not rely on a proper operation of the site is K off is not normal Before, because the search engine for the user, to provide the best for users, search engines have a chance to survive, while the Shanghai dragon optimization is based on this point, this is why.

second: give the best to get the best

rijiushengqing this idiom on many occasions before, even if the two strangers who live a long time, also have feelings, while Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the same, the Shanghai dragon is not very understanding of the people, it is easy to do the optimization, in a lot of advertising is also seen in Mo Xiang Mega saying, how many hours directly on the home page, and I believe that this slogan is really difficult to explain the essence of Shanghai dragon, or is there really such a technology, but in the long run and see little value, while the love is a kind of optimization strategy, a new station on the line how much time to get included, "

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