Noble baby Urchin settings how to track electronic commerce transactions

< form style= ";" name= "utmform" >

the second step, ensure that in a standard format on the receipt page add tracking code. You can use the server-side code module, can also manually enter the HTML Code:

next, write the following code for the receipt page. All the contents in the brackets should use the actual value (the electronic commerce website is usually replaced, such as the variable name) in the data:

< body on>

two, receipt page format

enabled e-commerce trackingThe first step of

, a

log on to Urchin.

in site configuration file settings page, click "modify the main site configuration information" next "".

and noble baby Analtics, noble baby Urchin tracking function of electronic commerce needs specific inserted code. The receipt page (order success tips page) with some simple functions, Urchin can automatically detect and record the transaction and product information. The required information will be placed in the form of hidden form, will be resolved to the transaction and product information.

finally, please be sure to submit after calling the utmSetTrans function to record the corresponding transaction. The easiest way is to realize the operation through the start tag in the body onLoad event:

tracking e-commerce transactions is the electronic commerce report enables the selected configuration file. To enable e-commerce report, please follow the steps below:

< script src= "/urchin.js" type= "text/javascript> < /script>

configuration file to enable next "".

Click to modify the

"electronic commerce website" radio button from "no" to "".

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