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about the title and key words to describe these three labels, Huang Zhen usually the most valued site title and site architecture, this in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very important points. A lot of friends about the title from time to time to modify, including Huang Zhen is just love to toss these things, change the column title, and then immediately delete a replacement one up, let a person look like a silly behavior, know its influence still to do, but ignore many details however, it is certainly a problem here, modify the three major labels have a lot of time very conducive to enhance the website ranking, but also have more to hang.

Huang Zhen sitting on the sites of the three label. See these words is estimated to have many friends awful, why a lot of? Is a sitting on the sort of cheating, ha ha!!! Blog is a kind of entertainment, a lot of friends blog often said on what, then many friends will say, you can not immediately on the deep point, all the time on, the talk is all those things, is completely eye trouble child (Wuhan dialect version), then today Huang Zhen to a sit down, don’t scold me cheating, below into the theme.

Huang Zhen also cannot use the expression of it in detail, a lot of things, only to try to grasp the reasonable. Through constant practice can learn a lot of things, and these things are often not online, even if it is really out of others, you may see that only that is to understand the details of things, more is not the experience. Because the article read only understand, heard only remember that you wrote is very clear, but if done to understand. As for some of the more basic things, how to write how many words, these are all at N times the content there is no nonsense.

as long as the station do website optimization, are relatively clear, it is the site of the three major labels: title, keywords, description. A few simple labels to determine a target site, a blind title written looked awful, although Huang Zhen talked about something about the three major labels in the blog before, but those articles have not, today at the time to write a article, I believe every time write the same things will improve, do more write more to know its importance.

Huang Zhen’s views of themselves is not suitable.


on the three tags in the keyword of this label, Huang Zhen after testing for a long time, in fact, keywords (keyword) is a very important one. This tag has no effect on a few years ago, the site did not want what the effect is too large, it is not essential for many friends that write just to check their attention to a few key words ranking, another point is to increase the key word density. But from today, Huang Zhen not think so, nor in this view, is often the most easily overlooked, is the focus of this label is so humble.

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