Shanghai love a normal update when to resume

1, excessive optimization;

5, love Shanghai data server problems;


through the observation of the last few days. Summarizes the following reasons:


watch is right down the site without WWW, there is a new ranking. But generally in the second page, page third. But a new snapshot. The article also included a new photo. Here is the domain name. We check on the know.


According to the observation date K

second, June 30th Shanghai has released updated website ranking of love. Before the update has not ranked.

4, love Shanghai algorithm is modified;

, the first love Shanghai web pages in new articles included normal, the total was originally 29000, but sometimes more than 2000 search is always different, is not stable.


true love Shanghai recently updated frequently, June 22nd update once again in June 26th, a big update, the early morning of June 28th and carried out an update, this update is different than the previous two, a large area of the site to drop right, included reducing, snapshot. Even the love of Shanghai itself included are greatly reduced. June 30th love Shanghai big update again, included a large number of reducing. No effect but not updated snapshot, in front of a snapshot of the site. Also has a new snapshot.

health qualification examination. 贵族宝贝wszg8贵族宝贝/ Lengke published the original webmaster, personal opinion, continue to pay attention to, welcome senior webmaster comments

3, website structure;

two screenshots for everyone:


love Shanghai search:


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