Seven step to find out the website is search engine punishment

Most of the

three, the chain increased too

stack keywords


chain can improve the site rankings, but it has a characteristic, is the need of time, stable increase. So the chain to the site with help. If today was increased fifty, but actually tomorrow will rise to five hundred, this method increases by leaps and bounds, it is not punished. And many owners love the chain with mass software, the software of natural increase is the chain volume, so in the assessment period is often the case, be punished is homely food.

for setting the hidden links in the site, the general theory can improve the site keywords ranking and keyword density increase. Commonly used hidden links, the web site is the keyword set with the same background color, font size, narrow keywords using a special method to hide. And these hidden links, once they are found, the result is quite serious, because this is the living deceive search led Zhi, will suffer the consequences of natural tooth.

website will have a search engine or big or small in the operation process of punishment. There are some grades for punishment. The light is not updated snapshot, and the most important is that the site is K and the disadvantages included. Once the site has this kind of situation, often other webmasters webmaster even hit directly at a loss, do stand in. In fact, to deal with this problem, and then, as the first reason analysis to see if you can find the solution to really come. After all, angry again depressed also can’t help to solve their problems, so let go of a big, may fail, but get the experience ah. Today, the author analyze the web site search engine punishment reason:


the reason is the most vulnerable to search engine punishment, most of the time should be regarded as the lightest punishment for keyword stuffing, just to stop updating the snapshot method of webmaster to revision timely warning. So, for the stack keywords will be punished by search engine search, a lot of examples. This is the most simple cheating optimization method, so, for your web site is the most obvious place first punishment is to check your web site keywords is to stack, keyword density is too high, the presence of sensitive keywords in character.

is quite reasonable to help improve the ranking and user experience, but only in a station links are within the chain, not only is the anchor text content page is within the chain. And deliberately chain will suffer the search engine punishment, the reason is that in the eyes in the chain to search engine is the same with cheating, nature will be the punishment of cheating on your website. So, want to pursue the chain in nature, and the same keywords only chain a principle could not be search engine doubt and punishment. < >


two, whether the use of hidden links

in the chain is not reasonableIn the chain of

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