Result seven reasons site is down right what love Shanghai


recently a friend site suddenly drop right, and before the rank and disappeared, let me help him analyze the reasons, then I summed up the following points:

is a large collection of the content will be let down the right site is more serious, if you have not collected, behind the acquisition, it is not worthwhile to drop right.

4, whether the

site right down to the most distressing, but can not find the reason, do not know how to recover. You can from the above several methods to analyze. If more than a few reasons and your site is not on the number, then you have to wait, have time to see the site can not be recovered, but in the meantime we must update, follow the prescribed order on the line.

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In fact, not the right down

7, web log analysis

site poisoning, is right down. So, can go to the web site files is not much of what, and the connection is not joined the unknown connection, this test is not difficult.

site is down right

there are a lot of garbage outside the chain of 1, whether the chain, or deleted

see, love is not a recent Shanghai log decrease? How often to a spider love Shanghai? Is not the original 10 times a day, now one or two times? If so, get some suggestions the original or false original articles to attract.


3 server, not smooth, often not open

website recently modified website title

if the average chain is too poor, or you change the illegal website links, so it is possible to reduce the weight of the site. It is necessary to pay attention to.


6, check whether your website source file

if a large number of the chain is deleted, you put all your egg in one basket, and there is a lot of junk links, is definitely wrong, the chain is not much, but in essence and. So, to a high weight website links, such as: the construction of shops, peer exchange links etc..

2, Links amount removed, or others involved in

greatly change the site title is the main reason why many websites right down. If you modify a lot of website title tags recently? If so, wait for some time, but in the meantime it is recommended to do a high quality of the chain.

5, the content is not more than

if the server is often not open or unstable, so the site will certainly drop right, and when the construction site should consider to buy a good point of the virtual host or server for the web site.

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