Teach you how to identify the false credibility of Taobao sellers

in Taobao shopping, two sellers at the same price, we usually choose a high degree of credibility of the party. If it is a good reputation and high prices that are more welcome by our buyers. But how many false elements are there in credibility? We may not know. Now Taobao brush reputation greatly small team filled with "Taobao", I do not shop within a week, was more than and 10 on the Taobao brush reputation advertising, what is more, some people brush reputation told me that now no stores do not brush reputation, not the credibility of the brush shop forever don’t come. The rampant false reputation degree as can be imagined.

how should we distinguish between buyers and sellers through the brush out of the false credibility of the following combination of my shopping experience to teach you a few strokes.

, the seller received is the default system for praise, we will write a more or less normal shopping, good mood will write a lot. If the evaluation is the default praise, then you should pay attention to oh. Because the brush reputation in order to save people, the general shopping after the success of not taking the time to write.

two, look at the seller praised the time distribution table, if the last month received only two hundred praise, this week received the praise of the three hundred, which does not comply with the general rules of the development of the shop. Most are false.

three, see the record of the transaction is not most of the goods are anonymous to buy, but also are not understandable account name. Normal transaction, then the probability of anonymity is not very large purchase.

four, see all praise the seller received is there a person to buy more goods and records, there may be similar products, such as a continuous account took Nokia 5200, a store in 5300, N73, 5130, is the basic does not exist this way of shopping in real life. Unless the person is very rich, together to buy a look at that section of the easy to use the money, the others are sent or thrown. It is absolutely impossible for an account to buy all the goods in the shop. So be careful.

five, look at the volume and volume, if the volume is only 20, but there are more than more than and 10 volume, received praise also has more than and 10. It must be false. General one hundred come in to see, there are twenty will take the goods have been very good. So such goods should be particularly careful to buy.

six, see the seller previously sold what? If the seller was selling cards, this virtual goods QB, achieve the diamond is a very simple thing. Maybe before selling the card to a few diamonds, now sell mobile phone, perhaps is not how well ~~

write these points. Finally I wish you a happy online shopping.

article source: good treasure net | http://s.www.haobao.cc/html/taobaohao/2009/0607/75.html

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