The basic process of website optimization

It is very important for

before the eight second rule, this is mainly for the server space. Directly related to the website loading speed is the server, so the server if the loading speed is too slow, "will open slowly, the result is the loss of users. For users, page views except content itself is to show time, therefore, in the choice of the server must be careful.

fifth, website editor.

third server inspection.

2, website product information to system, from product to product details of price should be stated, if you can add a real case, it would be more convincing;

second domain detection.

home TDK set in optimization. Typically, ranking the weight of the site more concentrated in the home, if the home page TDK is not set to show the website features and site theme positioning, this website will probably be flashy without substance and give up the search engine user. Title is set to the point; set of keywords to note keyword density; description settings to show web services and features.

The author introduced the Internet Dennis ;4,

1, website pictures to make unified adjustment, and add the AIT attribute, which can make the website more complete;

The content of the website

fourth, TDK site set.

first, site diagnosis.


here is not only the information website also contains pictures, product information etc.. The site diagnosis of the first step, we examine the current status of the site has been well known, then the following will be targeted to correct:

took over the site for the first step is to do the basic diagnosis on the site situation, understand the site’s current situation, including the site layout, content information, keywords, domain name age etc.. If you are not able to hand to complete, you can also use Adsense tools, such as webmaster, love Shanghai home owners to help check the website.

through our diagnosis of domain name age already know, usually the longer the age of domain optimization more advantages. Another is through the site command to check whether the site is pan analytical.

website optimization is now the webmaster of daily work, the website ranking optimization and site traffic, because it is more directly related to the site’s profit so very valued. The Shanghai dragon Er, do website optimization is the first to have a global view, and then step by step to implement the plan, rather than to do, which means that the author Dennis! Today to share with you the website optimization is to see the wise remark of an experienced person in the website optimization process over the system and everyone the.

3, the website information to the original, can the enterprise itself as the material, try to be the one and only

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