Example love Shanghai search drop down box and love Shanghai search principle

inputT= search response time in milliseconds;

day with love Shanghai to deal with the webmaster and love Shanghai products closely contact, especially in the use of search function to search for a keyword, will see the relevant search keywords and keyword search drop-down box. Through the love of Shanghai of this function, we can see the expansion of some of the relevant key words popular in the screening of keywords. So, how to understand the property of the two search function, for you today to explain love Shanghai related search and search the drop-down box principle, it can be learned from the so-called love brush Shanghai search drop-down box is going on?

search for the word "game" followed by a search for "game center" (for the first time in Shanghai love the search box to search "game" followed by a search for "game center"): 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Tn=baiduhome_pg& bs=game& f=3& rsv_bp=1& rsv_spt=1& wd=game+ center& oq=game+& rsp=1& rsv_

oq= on a search word, or you did not enter the input keywords Shanghai dragon, but chose to drop out that search term Shanghai Dragon Seal, then oq= Shanghai Longfeng;

According to the above



tn= record search from where, when you use the account login, there will be a record, for example, you log on to love Shanghai space or login Maxthon browser;

sug2=1& inputT=5855

f=1 said the parameters related to the search, f=3 said the drop-down box is recommended, and f=8 is a user independent search; parameter rsv_spt=1 means to record the user’s browser kernel. The above list is several main parameters, can be applied on the brush love Shanghai search drop-down box needs. As for the other parameters rsv_bp=0, rsv_bp=1, oq=game, rsp=1 (keywords), passing a corresponding analysis:

in the love of Shanghai directly in the search for "game" in the address bar, then you can see the 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=game& rsv_spt=1& issp=1& rsv_bp=0& ie=utf-8& tn=baiduhome_pg& inputT=1983

The first

love Shanghai search parameters, return values, we can easily understand the meaning of:

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