Analysis of why everybody and friends of the chain sorry tangled mind

why am I not to chain

solution: sincerity is a mutual friend chain exchange, or so, not sincere attitude I think anyone and you will not exchange links, do not always think are victims of their own, and then hold back in exchange, what will you what you want to do this? If so, what do the exchange

solution: to improve the strength of the site is the kingly way, as for themselves, their cattle, friends will be high level station.


always think there are better friends of the chain are waiting for their

for a high quality website link is every webmaster want to do, but for the link are two webmaster, is not a person you can say, PR, your website weight is 0, even love Shanghai snapshots are not, you can ask others why? So I want to change a link with high quality if you have enough strength, don’t always naive thinking about other people’s good, do their own thing is the key, or you can only "left a station".

about the construction of the chain, I think we are most concerned about is the friends of the chain, some time ago a writer said, a good friend chain can make it ranked immediately rise, although some god, but we can not deny the benefits of the chain, so a successful web site there will always be behind many high quality chain. But careful webmaster will find in our webmaster circles, and some friends of the chain involved in the unpleasant things happen, and these things mostly concentrated in exchange links, after all, now do a sharp increase in the number of, what birds have, and this has led to more and more afraid we exchange links, or for active exchange links and your people have a psychological conflict, and today I will share with you, a chain exchange what we should have in mind.

tricked me to do, I have to hold back


owners would do: I left the exchange chain in the post A5 forum today, and every day to see their own "reminder", to see if there is no willing to exchange links, if not to wait. I think this state for each stationmaster is definitely not a few. So I want to ask, if you change not to link, what would you do? You complain that A5 is to continue to suck. "

may be many webmaster friends of the chain of negative news to hear more, people always think for links and you are deceiving you, in fact, in this world there are so many bad guys, since they want to exchange links with others, it will take a little sincerity, you send a message in the forum, said to change finally, even a QQ link, do not leave, waiting for others to stay in their own links, choose to contact them, which itself is not a sincere approach, although many webmaster xinhuaiguitai deception, but also exists, purify the network environment, we don’t talk about on the line, we must take action to can.

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