A ranking analysis rack keyword optimization

check the home page last time domain name, because he is new, so it can be concluded that he is very bold in the top three of the possibility is not big, so we start from the last, I found that eighth. Good here, we continue to get on the floor.


we can A5 in the article can be seen in the picture of his external links is 2390, so the chain for the new station is too much, the chain is not much, but in quality. But from our analysis to today, his chain from the two day unexpectedly fell so many foreign link, the chain dropped more than 1000.

second: use

: the first search keywords


: the first website links to

Webmaster Tools


analysis this article he said, because the station although the ranking on the home page, but after the analysis of this station he ranking is still very dangerous, why do you say, want to know the reason why we continue to look down.

Hello, I’m Deng Kanhao, haven’t received in A5 writing, because of the recent Taobao and Taobao is the guest site, too many things, has recently been playing some projects some Taobao customers, see friends to share time to be able to run A5 or the owners of the home in these places, just today early in the morning more than six points up and read a few articles, analyzed later, we feel that this is before the word rankings have a friend to share, but today we take his website to analyze.


did not like the picture above, the high quality of the chain suddenly lost all.

second: from the picture contrast effect

article he wrote is the expert 4 months into the home page keyword name these articles is not very attractive? Oh, yes, I was attracted, I very seriously look at the authors share articles, then I went to have a look at what he said of the site, although he figure do not let us see the domain name, but we can find this site what he said in the search keywords. Some beginners may not know how to find. Please see below:

Why did


he was in the A5 submission time is two days before us today is 18, it is two days, even if the ranking will not change too fast.





is an article written in a picture, using the command: domain check the reverse link, today we look at our view renderings is how

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