The web page code optimization of Mahayana scriptures ten years of grinding sword dry cargo

Html tag definition than Class to save the page code. Common label HTML has span, u, I, small, big, cite and so on, we can use the page, and then redefine the style in the Css file. For example: if you need three div to achieve the effect of I, span and P can reach three tags is very simple, no class and Div.

today, here to share many summary web page code optimization configurations. Why ten years of grinding sword? "Because I made more than 10 years, the station optimization also done for several years, it has accumulated the experience. Today, as a "Jones brother handsome flower", please connect the

Shanghai dragon tutorial on that try to avoid using iframe, because it is not conducive to the website optimization. But iframe >

in the content page, strong for paragraph headings, paragraphs P, such not only looks beautiful, the search engine will understand.


if you want to have color effect with the HTML element and the code concise, background picture definition of HTML elements in CSS is preferred. Because background is defined in the CSS file, than you directly in the web page using the IMG code to save a lot of letters. Our website home page picture and some important links are modified by background, not only beautiful style, and the code can be reduced by about 20%.


page to block, then broken down. Shanghai Longfeng Jones web pages, press the top navigation, left and right, at the bottom of the long, different Div. Then each Div can be subdivided according to correlation. This page, the search engine on the page level is very easy to understand, the correct division of the logic block is code optimization is a critical step in

, two labels to the search engines is easy to understand.

! !

four, according to the content correlation, Div block

three, like beautiful style and streamlining the code, please use the background.

Behind the .

H1 can only be used for the main title page, a page can have a default template, some links to the logo link or text is set to H1, this is very wrong, H1 should only give the title text; H2 for Title level important; H3 can be used in the title of the article list page. H2 and H3 according to the need of proper use, not too much.

, a good HTML tag definition, streamlining the code

h tags can be followed by P or UL, P is the perfect h description, UL is called the two related articles, all contribute to the understanding of search engine.

five, iframe and img make use of

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