Website homepage layout around the user experience is the key

site navigation can be seen as the classification of the site content, the content of the website segment, convenient for users to choose according to their demand to browse the corresponding column page. Web page navigation to achieve a clear classification, do not repeat the navigation between columns. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love home navigation is very good, we can learn from you.

homepage layout theme, navigation and content also need to pay attention to the page size, net >

to understand a little Shanghai dragon people, Shanghai dragon first is to do the web page layout, because the home can bring great benefits and flow, the main keyword layout is accomplished through the home page. The front page of the site as the other page to guide the user to browse the website plays an extremely important role in the Shanghai dragon, how to reasonably carry out the layout of the home page of the website is the first step in the optimization scheme. Website optimization needs around a purpose, that is: the home page is used to guide users to read sub pages. So, page layout is the key, so how to layout homepage

only the layout of the site well, especially the website homepage layout well, the operation is relatively late to be slightly relaxed, can play a multiplier effect.

The content of In addition to the



home page is the core of the website, home page theme is the main center website. The theme of let users easily to know what is the web site. The home page theme title, keywords in the description of the site, one of the most important is the title, is the title of your website and describe the content of the user sees in the search engine search results. For example, Shanghai love Wikipedia, the user can through the picture content to know love is Chinese Shanghai encyclopedia encyclopedia, Wikipedia and covers knowledge and services. In the home page, page theme is also reflected in the logo and web site title. Accurate generalization of the home page is a good theme to help users choose their exact requirements have web site.

ban excessive JS call

layout web page navigation can be a web page content layout design. The content of the page layout needs to website user groups needs analysis, the user attention most content in the most important position on the home page. According to the general user browsing, the content of the page layout according to the important degree from left to right down arrangement. It is the most important content should be placed in the position of the top left, and the advertising or is less important content can be placed in the lower right of the page.

website to prohibit the use of excessive JS call, this is the love of Shanghai is extremely disgusting, with more, not very good included, nor focus on your site. We have to believe that the love of Shanghai, but also have their own does not violate the rules.


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