What kind of external links favored by search engines

external links to the length of the domain name of the search engine is particularly large, generally speaking, the longer the domain name, the domain name search engine more trust, on the contrary, just the domain name registration is not what advantage, not only to what degree of trust, the investigation is still in the opposite. Therefore, the webmaster should release in some domain over time on the site in the construction of the external links, such external links got more popular search engine.

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external links can be directly click rate that the importance and the ability to vote links, be more users to click on the external links more valuable, more can be the favour of search engine. The user clicks can explain more than a search engine spider, the more the user clicks, it shows that the external links to help users to know the user’s shape may also directly affect the search engine judgment, affect the ranking of the site.

external links is the webmaster has been pursued, it is generally believed that the external links the more the better, but is this really the case? The number of external links, website ranking is not necessarily good, search engine is not necessarily love such external links, then you might ask: "so what kind of external search engines love link? What kind of links can be more favored by search engines?" the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon) on this issue with you on

before and after external link text

many in the construction of external links, always blindly pursue quantity, and often ignore the correlation of the content on the website, this is basically every novice webmaster will make wrong, after all, this is no ground for blame then cattle, and also from the grassroots webmaster. External links in which website, this website is what to do, and whether the site to do the same, is very important, if the webmaster construction external links are related to their website links, these links in the page are also related, then the search engine will naturally become more friendly for you, these links will naturally be the favour of search engine.

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what kind of external links can be the favour of search engine, search engine love >.

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external links click rate

external link text search engine attaches great importance to this, if the other sites link to your site’s home page is using the same name of the web site, then your website content is definitely the content. In addition, before and after the external link anchor text is very important, we can often see some not what meaning the anchor text link: click here to contact us, such as the link text, but the link before and after the text can help search engines determine your site target page significance.

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