Two Shanghai dragon road of different life

1, the demand of Shanghai dragon is what type of Shanghai dragon

demand Shanghai dragon obviously is mainly through the analysis of the use of the product, combined with user behavior data, finishing the corresponding document requirements, and constantly optimize the product experience, improve the conversion ratio of users.



is clearly the current Internet has entered the DT era, the user behavior data acquisition easy big data under a microscope, the demand for data processing, to identify the user’s demands, meet the needs of users through technical means. Of course, the Internet information users or the core product experience and service quality.

technology Shanghai dragon

2, the demand of Shanghai dragon do what thing?

Secondly, the Life

is very easy to understand, there is a certain technical ability, the implementation process of Shanghai dragon mainly through technical means to deal with.

1, Shanghai Dragon technology is what type of Shanghai dragon

also needs Shanghai Longfeng need to dig deep to the needs of users, but need the help.

technology to achieve the majority of Shanghai Longfeng products are mainly in the third party service level, to a small auxiliary words, according to the analysis, dig fast scheduling tools, to form a platform of service products, are skilled in Shanghai dragon and the future development of the road, of course, with the introduction of artificial the development of intelligent space technology, Shanghai dragon is very wide. In short, through mining the user’s heart, the future technology of Shanghai Longfeng road limitless.


3, the future of Shanghai Dragon TechnologyThe current

six years of Shanghai dragon road, on the understanding of the occupation also have their own views, the overall sum technology and demand of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. Of course, there will be people argue there is a balance between the Shanghai dragon, this is each one according to his lights! Today from the two directions to share different Shanghai dragon life.

2, technical type of Shanghai dragon do what thing?

technology is to master the Shanghai dragon data digging technology, according to the needs of users, the user behavior data, analysis of data behind opportunities to meet user demands for products, so as to realize the value of Shanghai dragon. At first glance, the technology of Shanghai dragon is similar to the data analyst and product manager concept, relying on the huge user search behavior data, I believe that the Shanghai Dragon technology will have a very big development space, can make a lot of miracle thing. It is not difficult to imagine, so many popular products on the market in a continuous line has, in addition to a competitive business model behind it all cannot do without the technology of Shanghai Longfeng pay.

demand of Shanghai dragon


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