Recommend a place to put GG advertising domain parking site

is in the domain name domain name minon unsold when one of the main sources of income. I believe a lot of rice farmers have tried a lot of domain name parking site, the domestic foreign, more than a dozen attempts to estimate.

I am also a minon, also tried to park sites at home and abroad greatly small ten, in the process of using always feel that they have the following problems:

1, parking income opaque, parking chamber volume, and some are simply serious deduction,

2, parked Baidu search is not included. Not for sale,

3, fixed layout format, can not add their own ideas and content.

so I continue to try new parking, or even buy their own space station. Of course, is a good choice, but time technology is a problem. There is no parking is to do the station parking mode?

I have been searching for such a site, and now I finally find a basic match my needs of the parking site, is the corn baby, URL:

I spent a few days, the domain name to their own baby corn, and here I share the benefits of corn under the baby:

is not a traditional parking, corn baby provides an independent website

can add articles, rich web content, easy to search included

page template is open to edit their own, according to their own ideas to design the page

support Google AdSense and other ads, no longer have to worry about the parking lot of

forum reply in a timely manner, I am optimistic about the corn baby team


is in want of perfection on the top of the site, there will be a yumiwa advertising. But I think the free system of corn baby also need to survive, so as to ensure that they provide long-term free service.

Comrades, inviting? Please try:


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