What are the factors which influence the Shanghai dragon ranked the most important

then the influence factors of Shanghai Longfeng ranking is the most important one of


1, link anchor text, this will make the search engine to trust you.

2, simple link almost without much significance, only as to attract spiders, but with the anchor text, will increase the amount of information and the credibility of this link.


1, your URL link is static

3, what is the position, especially if your keywords appear in the title, whether in the description, this is a very important part of

with the search engine algorithm is more and more perfect, now do Shanghai dragon more carefully study to work, although I do Shanghai, a few years, but I through their own practice that many factors affect the ranking of Shanghai dragon. Each are not lazy, must be carefully to each step, do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng shoes may know what are among the factors, the most important and what I say.

4, whether the content is original content, you have strong correlation, there is no relevant keyword

5, how much is the page keyword density, if only in the title is a keyword is insufficient, but also content which contains the amount of keywords.

3, the station optimization is to optimize the anchor text, each anchor text can make the website focus on the target keywords, but also make the site long tail off.

7, which contains the keyword link (we often see some website label page, if it is Chinese, with Chinese, this also on the ranking of some help)

The importance of

I first listed on the site factors in Shanghai Longfeng ranking what:

The essence of

believe you do before the Shanghai dragon ranking has contacted a word called anchor text, is again no one will put the word above the essence of Shanghai Longfeng induction. I tell you today must pay attention to the anchor text, in the maintenance process of each time to operate the word.

9, outbound links page, whether there is a link to the page (for example: do 28 push the station, pointing to the 28 push this forum, to the search engine a signal: your station and 28 push on

2, your page number

8, a page in the website of (that is, whether there is an internal link many stations to this page)

6, link anchor text, whether internal or external website website have to do



above each point is very important, as long as you do this, the optimization of multiple keywords daily 100-300IP traffic is not a problem. (if you understand and quickly go)

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