n 2016 the latest web log analysis and collection tools





in the optimization of the web site, always staring at the station optimization and optimization of the chain, but the effect is not significant, we tend to ignore the analysis of another very important data, that is the analysis of site log.


2. open Jinhua webmaster tools

The number of new

1. love Shanghai Jinhua search webmaster tools, download and install.

4. log folder is the desktop, that is to say if you download the log in on the desktop, click on the button to log analysis, if not then click to select the file. PS: the button to select the directory is batch can log analysis, i.e. all log the same folder.

There are many ways to view the site log

Web log data is different from the statistical data, statistical data can be seen every day, visited website source and long visit to the relevant data, an analysis of these data, but also analysis of Web log data inside is also essential. Today small Sheng Qi Shanghai dragon to share with you.


The default

other space service provider’s Web site log location name may be different, but are almost similar, it is not found can directly contact the space business.


, because the txt file is downloaded, directly open the view or use the Excel table to open it, but this is not recommended, because of too much data, the analysis can not start.

so small Sheng Qi Shanghai Longfeng recommend commonly used web log analysis tools for analysis, the recommended tools include tool log analysis tool toolkit and Jinhua love station webmaster tools inside the log analysis, today to introduce the Jinhua is webmaster tools, because small pro test is used, that better use.

first of all we know about the web log can be found in that place, in the station for example, this station is using nets server, web log location and download please see below:


site log generally for the day as a file, such as the above is downloaded today log, 2016-7-22 log, of course, because today is not over, so statistical data statistics only to small download at the moment, so generally yesterday’s Web log analysis.

analysis of 3. selected data, and then click on the following web log analysis

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