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wide investment provoke controversy

Line is a popular chat app in Japan and South Korea, and its listing is the largest IPO in science and technology this year. Although it has achieved great success in the local market, there are still risks to be vigilant.

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in Kunlun the proportion of revenue, the game is still in the core position, especially Mobile Games, therefore, formed by the Kunlun games and leisure Leica mutual entertainment business mobile gaming platform as the core, not only the implementation of quality strategy in agency, will also increase the proportion of independent research and development of game products. In order to further explore the international market, investment in Opera has become an important step; 100% holdings, the largest homosexual social networking site Grindr, is in the sub cultural layout. From this point of view, Zhou Yahui’s global investment is in line with the Kunlun world wide development strategy for the depth of layout.

in the number of investment, have a keen sense and first-class investment ability of Zhou Yahui, almost crack shot, dig out the reflection off, interesting staging multiple Unicorn enterprises. Although a good return on investment has been achieved, widespread investment continues to cause widespread concern in Kunlun’s World Wide Web, and Zhou Yahui says he knows exactly what he wants to do.

Line’s current products include online games, facial packs, advertising products and other services, including official accounts. Among them, the expression package and advertising revenue accounted for a large part. Most of this revenue comes from business in japan. Line will also expand its market in Taiwan and Southeast Asia in order to gain more profits, but these measures do not guarantee success.

2008, Zhou Yahui founded the Kunlun World Wide Web, it becomes a boutique game development factory, global boutique game publishers, platform and software store as one of the three Internet companies, and in January 2015 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, this is a business for the Kunlun World Wide Web "". Today, Zhou Yahui led the Kunlun world wide began the "two pioneering" – the Internet platform for the transformation and development of the company.


1. single risk of income

2. Line existing business facing competition

although Line has achieved great success in Japan and Korea, Line still faces several big competitors in the overseas market.

Line’s well-known image of Benny rabbit

3. risk of developing new business in the future

, in fact, over the last two years, the investment in Kunlun’s World Wide Web has focused on video entertainment, tools, software, social platforms, games and other fields. In order to build a global Internet platform, Kunlun world wide will form four major product segments: Games, software platforms, social media and subcultures.

Kunlun 2016 annual report, through strategic investment Opera, Grindr and other social media platforms and the development of Brothersoft software platform, the Kunlun received more than 350 million active users in the world, but also to optimize the company’s revenue structure. In the "two pioneering" strategic layout, Zhou Yahui said it is expected to invest 10 billion. Kunlun World Wide Web platform to the global enterprise transformation will continue to move forward.

began its investment in Kunlun since 2014, and the world wide web of has thrown billions of dollars just between 2015 and the year. From the silver pot, gold industry investment mutual interest installments, to invest in the world’s largest gay social networking site Grindr, to invest in overseas well-known investment Kunlun web browser Opera, not only a wide and frequent.


in 2013, Line launched the online shopping mall Line Mall in Japan, expanding the product line and service range. However, due to lack of experience in e-commerce, including the lack of experience in third party distribution and commodity sales, Line Mall was finally closed in May 31, 2016.

has competitors in instant messaging business, including Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger, and China’s WeChat. Apple’s iMessage has also made great strides in recent years, and its integration with the mobile phone system will have a certain impact on Line.

Line is in a changing consumer market, and instant chat applications have changed dramatically in recent years. If we can not timely launch new business in line with market trends, it is likely to be eliminated competitors.

chat applications Line will soon be listed on the New York stock exchange. The company has a risk factor chapter in the prospectus for the SEC SEC. This chapter in the relevant document is not a denial of the company’s business or an alarmist. But as a listed company, the shareholders will get investment from the stock market, unfavorable factors and risk to investors must be statement of future business conditions, financial condition and continued profitability etc., remind investors cautious investment.

‘s advertising business, Line’s opponents are even more difficult, Facebook, shlf1314, YAHOO, Japan, these competitors have social networking products on the one hand, on the other hand, there are huge advertising business.

According to the world wide web

forms the four largest product segment,

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